Tech Session – 2019

Web_201904_Tech-Session_20190413-122722 April 13, 2019

A fine spring day saw 9 LBCs and 20 members (some in modern vehicles, but I included Donna’s 2017 Mini Cooper as an LBC) come to the Doerner Garage for the annual George Melick tech session. Folks that came were Donna Bristol with Gloria Schwab, Chuck Daniels, Dick & Sandy Suffredini, Bruce Swanson, Adam & Eva Ilnicki, Tom & Jaimee Rippert, Jerry Keller, Pat & Patty Cawthorne, Jeff Rose, Louise Story, Lew Phillips, Dave Sarley, and Lyn Hughes.

There was actually some work done on the cars including a cooling fan replacement on Ilnicki’s 52 TD, chassis lube on Cawthorne’s 77-ish B, distributor replacement on Louise’s 50 TD, and a little windscreen mounting adjustment on Doerner’s 77 B.

Additional to (or in avoidance of) the auto maintenance and discussion, Nancy and some of the ladies painted designs on wine glasses and coffee mugs. As usual, the pot-luck luncheon was delicious!

— Warren Doerner

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