Holiday Zoom Party – 2020

December 4, 2020

It wasn’t the food, fun, and festivities that we had originally planned for a Holiday Party celebrating the conclusion of an event filled 50th anniversary year. (Nor was it an event filled year.) Still, we weren’t letting a messed up year stop us from celebrating in some fashion. So, with favorite beverages in hand and snacks at the ready, a group of DVC’ers fired up their computers and enjoyed a two and a half hour online Zoom Holiday Party. And, just like a usual DVC event, some folks got there late and some had to run early.

While the face to face was replaced with monitor to monitor, it didn’t slow down the chit chat in the least. Topics slid around more than an MG going too fast on an icy road. We chatted about COVID-19 (of course), what we hope for next year, how we were holding out, what we were up to, our families, cars (of course), shop talk, places to visit (when things calm down), and even a lively conversation about bicycles (from riding to tandem to the big black Chinese bikes). It was a great time!

Saddling up to their PCs were… Lew Phillips, Ernie & Barbara Feldgus, John Cawthorne, Dave Alderfer, Brad Haberle, Peter & Nancy Yaskowski, Bill Webb, Jeff Rose, Warren & Nancy Doerner, Brian Gumpert, and Louise Story.

As we said when all of this started, we will not be stopped in our 50th celebration! Now it is onward to 2021… and our continuation of the celebration! (Who knows… we may just keep celebrating our 50th until we hit the 100th!)

— Lew Phillips

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Stockton Lunch – 2020

web_202011_Lunch_Run_20201107-144541  November 7, 2020
The handful of our DVC members took advantage of the beautiful fall weather for a drive to Stockton.  We hope to have a report from them soon.  Meanwhile… Enjoy the pictures!

Safety Fast!


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Lee’s Landing Lunch – 2020

202006_Lee_Lunch_20200613-161729  June 13, 2020
The DVC gathered at the Gateway Shopping Center for one of the few events on the calendar.

A road tour through backcountry roads the Conowingo Dam was the first stop, then onward to Lees Landing in Port Deposit on the Susquehanna River.

The weather was just spectacular, sunny, in the 60’s and no humidity. A true gift for the club to enjoy.

The Conowingo Dam was built in 1928, and one of the largest non-Federal Hydro-electric dams in the US. It is home to a variety of birds, including eagles that troll for fish off the dam. There were many Herons that gathered on the lower marshes around the dam. We relaxed at the dams seating areas for a bit, just taking in the sights, and enjoying the weather. We only glimpsed one eagle.

The DVC then regrouped for a spirited ride to 100 bikes, beautiful bike of all kinds.
The food was great – the beer was better!

In attendance were…

    • Robin and Jeff Rose, MGBGT V8
    • Sandy and Dick Suffredini, MGA
    • Jaimee and Tommy Rippert, MG TD
    • Pat and Patty Cawthorne, MGA
    • Mike Engard, Triumph V8
    • Debbie Eckert, MG TC 1948

After lunch, we strolled by the river, before heading home. It was a really great day; great cars, good roads, and great friends.

Safety Fast!

— Events Chair – Jeff Rose


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Wildwood Weekend – 2020

202005_Wildwood_20200606-134418  June 5-7, 2020

Hang in there as we get the story together.  Safety Fast!


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Message from Ed and Dee Flax

Dear DVC,

Dee and I would like to express our appreciation to the DVC and its members for the recognition of our fifty years of membership and as Founding Members. The plaque you sent was completely unexpected, but is delightful to look at, and hangs in a place of honor in my garage-mahal. Dee and I are sorry that we were unable to attend the 50th anniversary celebration, due to an important family event the same weekend.

It feels  strange to be talking about being a founding member after the loss of our founder and leader, Hank Rippert. Hank and I shared many wonderful times together, from the founding of the DVC in 1970; including early local gatherings in Manayunk, driving trips through eastern Pennsylvania roads, and adventures in our TD’s including his being my navigator on the 1000 Mile Marathon to GOF Mk XIV in Hudson, OH forty-eight years ago this week. Hank organized the OOTTT trip in 1986 that was the first of it’s kind and joined us on the Circuit of Britain in 1990. He was instrumental in recognizing me with the George Eyston award twice for participation at NEMGTR events. We miss Hank and hope his family and friends are comforted by so many wonderful memories of the years he spent with us all.

We do look forward to being able to once again gather for in-person DVC and MG events.

Best regards,

Ed & Dee Flax

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