Valley Forge Picnic – 2019

Web_201905_ValleyForge-Picnic_20190504-130645 May 4, 2019

The day started with rain, and the hopes of the tour diminished as we started to ready our MGBGT V8.  As we drove to the meeting spot, the rain continued and our thoughts ran to “grab your brolly it’s drizzling outside”.  We were contemplating moving to an indoor alternative, the local Black Powder Inn for the usual hi-jinks.

As we approached the Starbucks in King of Prussia, the skies changed and the rain halted; we were gob smacked.  Bloody cool.

Dick and Sandy were waiting in their beautiful red MGA, 62 MKII, which once belonged to our dear friend, George Mellick.  Curtis and Sally were enjoying a cup while their burgundy MGB rested outside.  Jaimee and Gail, her other partner in crime, arrived next in the white MGA. (Tommy out enjoying the manly sport of Golf with MG’er Bobby Tiley.)

Brian Gumpert arrived in his BRG MGBGT 67, and was greeted by all.  Lastly Nancy and Warren had decided to make a go of it, and joined us in their blue MGB.  And we were off…..taking the closest thing to back roads to Valley Forge Park.

Our first stop was the Visitor Center, while we were waiting for the historical film to begin, Louise Story joined us in her MGB.  We were schooled in the history of the revolutionary war, and why Valley Forge was such a large part of the victory.

Next we stopped at the Muhlenberg site, where we learned further of the strategy of the elevated triangle of Washington’s army.  We got to see the living quarters of the infantry and of the commissioned officers.  A huge difference.

On to the Arch, where the club gathered for a photo op. By now the sun was shining. We continued to tour the park, Lew Phillips caught up to us in his not MG, as we toured one of the highlights, Washington’s home, and the train depot. We learned that the name Schuylkill comes from the Dutch, meaning “Hidden River.”

We picnicked at the artillery grove, a good old chinwag was enjoyed by all.  We drove to our final stop, Washington’s Memorial Chapel, where we were serenaded by the beautiful carillon of the Cathedral.  A great time was coming to an end.  We said our farewells, and drove off into the sunshine.

Thanks to all that participated, and thanks to Jaimee for bringing her cookies. Hope you enjoyed the addition of our British humor.

— Jeff and Robin Rose

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