Anniversary Party – 2019

Web_Anniverary_20190309-021205   March 9, 2019

The DVC’s 49th anniversary party was held on March 9, 2019 at the Pizza Como/PC Pub in Pennsburg, PA. After what seemed like a very long winter, it turned out to be a beautiful spring-like day that Saturday. Forty-three happy DVCers started to arrive about 1:00, and immediately started chatting, laughing and catching up with other members, some of which we haven’t seen in a while.

We were then asked to be seated so the server could take our food orders. After a delicious lunch, Patty welcomed everyone and announced that she would be stepping down as Chairperson that day. Lew Phillips stepped up to be Chairman at that time. After a few words from Lew, we moved on to Owards.

An Oward is a silly award that is presented to someone who may have had something go “not so perfect” with them and/or their trusty MG in the past year. Sandy keeps track of these things and then Tom and Dick put their heads together to come up with the Owards. The “lucky” recipients this year are as follows:

Pat and Patty Cawthorne
The problem: Their MGA leaks “somewhere.” On our trip to Cooperstown, NY this fall, their rears were soaked every time they got out of the car. Patty didn’t even have another pair of pants to wear because she forgot to pack them!!
The Oward: Official DVC plastic pants (like babies wear over their diapers) and official Moss Motors adult absorbent pads for their seats.

Jim Sanders
The problem: Jim’s fan belt squealed the entire trip to Cooperstown, NY (from the minute we left our starting point at the Turkey Hill in Ottsville!)
The Oward: A fan belt that actually squeaks.

Warren and Nancy Doerner
The problem: Their MGB was stuck in the mud at the Guy Fawkes Bonfire night in November. They were easily pushed out of the mud by a few hardy DVCers (Tom & Dick), Who aren’t the two you want pushing you if you don’t want an Oward
The Oward: A bag of “kitty litter” that he can carry with him in case they should get stuck in the mud again.

Adam Ilnicki
The problem: His TD suffered from overheating and vapor lock in the carburetors. His solution for that was to put wooden pinch clothespins on his gas line (lots of clothespins).
The Oward: Mounted to a plaque were lots of clothespins attached to a gas line.

Curtis Yocum
The problem: It seems Curtis falls asleep at DVC events. We have pictures to prove it!
The Oward: A bottle of “No Doze” (they’re actually ‘Smarties’) maybe the sugar will help.

After the Owards were presented to this year’s lucky recipients, we had the presentation of the “Book”. The highly coveted “Book” was originally presented to our founding chairman, Hank Rippert on his 29th birthday in 1974. The “Book” has been presented each year to someone new in the club since that time. The “Book’s” contents are highly secret. When you receive the “Book” you must swear to never reveal its contents to anyone who has not yet received the “Book”. It is suggested you take the “Book”, along with a bottle of wine, to your bed and open it there. Yes, it’s that good…………. Moving on, last year’s lucky recipients of the “Book”, Curtis and Sally Yocum, presented this year’s lucky recipients of the “Book” to Greg and Janice Lake! Congratulations Greg and Janice!

I don’t believe any MG’s came out of their garages that day, but Graham and Susie Gill arrived in their newly acquired 1971, Morris Minor Traveler. It’s a real beauty (it’s blue), and their smiles as they left the restaurant showed they love their new little British car.

See you at the Tech Session!

— Jaimee & Tom

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