Memorial Day Party – 2017

web_201705_Memorial_Day_20170527-172145  May 27, 2017

Thanks to Eva and Adam Ilnicki for hosting the annual DVC Memorial Day Polish Picnic. The weather cooperated with a sunny, cool day. It’s a treat every year to attend and see how their beautiful back yard is progressing. New this year was a cute little cabana set as well as a fire pit with delicious chili cooking on it. The fire pit was in place of the tree trunk that was burning at the picnic last year. Of course, the usual tasty treats of kielbasa and perogies were served as well. Everyone brought either a delicious side dish or dessert to add to the feast. It was fun to watch Aza and Saba energetically romping around saying hello and welcome to all their guests. Attending were:

  • Eva and Adam Ilnicki – 1952 MGTD
  • Evelyn and Bill Webb – 1974 ½ MGB
  • Jim and Diane Sanders – Tacoma
  • Lyn and Bobbi Hughes – 1978 Spitfire
  • Pat Cawthorne – MGA
  • Mark and Janet Singer – 1971 MGB
  • Peter and Nancy Yaskowski – 1954 MGTF
  • Gloria Schwab – 1980 MGB
  • Susan and Garth Gill – 1960 MGA and 1952 TD
  • Brian Gumpert – MGBGT
  • Sue Graham, Dick Marshal – Chevy Impala
  • Curtis and Sally Yocum – MGB
  • Jeff Rose – MGB/GT V8 73
  • Jaimee and Tom Rippert – MGA
  • Wade and Jill Albright – Chevelle
  • Sandy and Dick Suffredini – JAG
  • Paul and Evonna Phillips – 1976 Midget
  • Rob and Megan Ilnicki – 1977 Firebird
  • Bill and Linda Boorse – Mustang
  • Ray and Faith DeCesare – 1952 MG TD
  • Dave and Erin Alderfer – 1973 MGB

— Evelyn Webb

Members… Click here to see all the pictures!


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