Eastern Shore – 2017

web_201705_Eastern_Shore_20170513-120424  May 12-14, 2017

A caravan of MGs (TD, MGA, MGBs and MGBGTs) rumbled along the back roads of Maryland to the beautiful village of Saint Michael’s. No mishaps were reported (even by Tom Rippert) and more than a dozen drivers and passengers arrived at the historic Saint Michael’s Inn Friday afternoon without incident.

Planners of the event, Dick and Sandy Suffredini, navigated everyone through the reservation process before the group hit Talbot Street to see the many shops, bars, restaurants and historic surroundings.

The timely arrival of a tall ship to the maritime town dockage was a welcomed surprise, followed by small groups scampering to sample the seafood and steaks at a handful of the many fine, eating establishments of Saint Michael’s proper.

Friday evening, back at the Inn, the traditional DVC room party brought everyone together, and what could be better than toasting with sips of 18 year-old single malt scotch? Right? Well not exactly.

Surprise! Evidently somehow that famous southern gent, Johnny Walker, slipped his beverage into an empty malt bottle with the help of one DVC member (who will remain unnamed).  Fortunately, master taster, Dick Suffredini, detected the scam immediately and reported it to the Scottish police.

Daylight on Saturday brought rain and the group would have been relegated to a day of Saint Michael’s whisky sampling if it hadn’t been for another surprise.

Saint Michael’s native and classic car enthusiast, Bill Moyer, spotted the DVC marques on his way through town and stopped to invite DVC on a tour of his garage. Bill led the caravan five minutes from town, down the long lane of his good friend, Ebby DuPont. Yes, a member of the famous Delaware family. Ebby’s property is lakeside with an enviable garage housing two restored TDs and a display room featuring four perfectly restored classic, speedboats. According to his daughter, Ebby DuPont was “in his glory” talking about his passion for his superb wooden crafts. Quite a surprise and there was more to see.

Ten more minutes of driving and our party arrived at Bill Moyer’s cattle farm. Bill has a fine garage also, which some might consider to be a car museum. Antique motoring collectibles adorn the inside surrounding a host of many models of restored vehicles, but we were immediately attracted to the MGs. A TD, a YT, an A and a GT were among them. This personal tour was the biggest surprise of the weekend. Thank you Bill Moyer!

Saturday afternoon back in Saint Michael’s featured that tall ship, “Sultana” at the maritime museum, a late lunch for most (Jaimee found the ice cream store) and, of course, frequenting the local brewery and winery.

Dinner Saturday night for everyone was had on the second floor of the famous Crab Claw restaurant overlooking Saint Michael’s harbor, with nearly all attending donning crab hats. Those hats must have been responsible for the party atmosphere back in the room, which led to another surprise. The hotel manager arrived to complain about the noise level and added something about acting like teenagers. It was a proud moment.

Sunday featured the long ride home and, surprise, a TD breakdown. Rumor has it that Ilinicki

gerrymandered an alternator in place of the generator and had to do some creative taping and wiring to keep her running. Good work Adam.

The following had a great time, full of surprises:

  • Pat and Patty Cawthrone – MGA
  • Wolfgang and Gudie Fischer
  • Garth and Susan Gill
  • John and Pat Hunt
  • Adam and Eva Ilinicki – MGTD
  • Ben and Cindy Nolan
  • Paul and Evonna Phillips – MGBGT
  • Tom Post and Barbara Schupeltz – MGB
  • Tom and Jaimee Rippert – MGB
  • Jeff and Robin Rose – MGBGT
  • Mark and Jan Scherbekow
  • Mark and Janet Singer – MGB
  • Louise Story
  • Dick and Sandy Suffredini – MGTD
  • Curtis and Sally Yocum – MGB

Happy driving! Dick and Sandy Suffredini (Event hosts)

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