Hornsby Rallye – 2017

web_201706_Hornsby_20170617-161331  June 17, 2017

Thumbs were on the horns (pun intended) of the MGTDs, MGAs and MGBs whose drivers braved the tricky back roads of central Bucks County. It was a jolly good route, planned by Dick and Sandy Suffredini, for DVC’s agile British sports cars to show off their prowess for rallying.

DVC drivers gathered at the Suffredini home for the rallye briefing, which Dick delivered clearly and simply – maintain your speed and return to the Suffredini home at the same time. Start your engines!

It was a classic time, speed and distance rallye with the use of questions to break a tie, if necessary. It wasn’t necessary, in spite of the steady pace, and all drivers negotiated the few dangerous intersections Dick had warned them about. Among the sights along the way were the estates of Upper Makefield and Bowman’s Tower adorned with grand, graceful trees and flowers. A safety first rallye was enjoyed by all and every car returned to base (Suffredini’s) without one part falling off. They did, however, bring rain with them as drivers and passengers exited their cars in anticipation of the “pot luck” dinner to come and awards being presented.

With appetite satisfied and thirst quenched, everyone awaited presentations with great anticipation.


  • 3rd place – Tom and Jaimee Rippert (MGTD)
  • 2nd place – Graham and Garth Gill (MGTD)  ♦ Tom Hornsby Memorial Cup ♦
  • 1st place – Pat and Patty Cawthorne (DVC President) (MGA)

Congratulations to all in attendance:

  • Dave and Erin Alderfer – MGB
  • Pat and Patty Cawthorne – MGA
  • Garth and Susan Gill
  • Graham Gill – MGTD
  • Tom and Jamiee Rippert – MGTD
  • Jeff and Robin Rose
  • Louise Story
  • Dick and Sandy Suffredini – MGTD

— The Editor

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