Anniversary Party – 2016

201603_anniv_party_20160313-140646   March 13, 2016

Forty-Six Years and Counting

The historic gavel is passed

Including Hank Rippert (DVC’s founder), attending by proxy, 46 members witnessed Chairman, Tom Rippert, pass the cherished, octagonal gavel at the 46th anniversary luncheon last Sunday. Veteran, dedicated member and Treasurer, Patty Cawthorne, assumed the chair to resounding applause, including that from founding member, H. LeBarre Williams.

Tom and Jaimee Rippert along with Dick and Sandy Suffredini have been the heart and soul of DVC for, according to Tom, some 400 years. The retirement of these four leaders, along with membership chair Chuck Goelz, resulted in vacancies in the areas of membership, event planning and, of course, the chairmanship. After assuming the steering wheel, Patty Cawthorne presented them with beautifully engraved – and totally appropriate – pewter beer mugs and wine goblets for their tireless service to DVC.

Fortunately, in addition to Patty Cawthorne, Jim Sanders volunteered to assume the challenging job of continuing to plan exciting events and Adam Ilnicki will be garnering new members. An outstanding group of energetic and active members to drive DVC to the half-century mark! But, as good as they are, they’re not beyond earning O’wards.

Recipient, Jim Sanders, was honored for having to be duct-taped to keep things from popping through the zipper of his race suit. He didn’t win the race but was awarded “Best Costume”…and, a prestigious O’ward! Adam Ilnicki was honored with an O’ward, for showing off his smoking harness in a parking lot, by being awarded a can of replacement to put it back in.

Speaking about smoking, Pete Yaskowski’s brakes were locking, mysteriously, until someone pointed out that his emergency brake was on! No one witnessed the emergency that required it’s use, so he too received an O’ward.

X-Chairman, Tommy, ran out of power (if you can believe that) at the Hornsby Rallye…claims his batteries died and had to be towed by a Yuengling truck that just happened to be passing by! That last part was a joke – but totally possible – an O’ward with batteries was presented by Dick and Sandy.

Finally, Dick Suffredini, took the O’ward cake for five straight years of “getting lost” trying to find the annual meeting being held in Silverdale and, somehow, ending up at a bar in Sellersville (another very believable joke). His plaque was adorned with a GPS and a homing pigeon that looked suspiciously like a sparrow. CONGRATULATIONS!

Lastly, Nancy and Warren Doerner made an emotional and provocative presentation in an obvious reluctant transfer of “The Book”. Recipients Pete and Nancy Yaskowski appeared to be sweating as they were seen fondling the wrapping paper.

It was a great time for all and, if you missed the party, you are now required to attend all of the other events this year! Kidding again, but we’d love to see you join all of those who were there:  Donna Bristol, Pat & Patty Cawthorne, Chuck Denlinger, Warren & Nancy Doerner, Ernie & Barbara Feldgus, Wolfgang & Gudi Fischer, Garth & Susan Gill, Graham & Susie Gill, Brian Gumpert, Paul & Fran Holl, John & Pat Hunt, Adam & Eva Ilnicki , Dave Johnston, Jerry & Lee Keller, Greg & Janice Lake, Ben & Cyndi Nolan, Paul & Evonna Phillips, Hank Rippert (by proxy), Tom & Jaimee Rippert, Jim & Diane Sanders, Mark & Janet Singer, Louise Story, Dick & Sandy Suffredini, Bob & Terri Tiley, Bill & Evelyn Webb, Barry Williams, Peter & Nancy Yaskowski and Curtis & Sally Yochum.

— Paul Holl

Members… Click here to see all the pictures!

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