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201603_anniv_party_20160313-140646_crThank you notes
from Tom and Dick



To all members of the DVC,

I would like to thank all of you for the nice parting gifts Jaimee and I received at the Anniversary Party for our many years of dedication to the DVC.  It has been a long journey of fun and good memories.  We will continue to be active members of the DVC, hopefully, for many years to come.

I could not have done my job without a lot of help, especially from Jaimee, who is my secretary and co-pilot in everything I do.  I also couldn’t have done it without Dick, my events guy and best friend.  You all know how he and I always do everything together.  I’d like to thank the following people; Lew Phillips, our Webmaster, who does a great job on our website, as well as keeping us all informed through T-Talk and emails.  Paul Holl, who writes great event articles for the website and has just volunteered to take over Advertising.  Patty Cawthorne, our Treasurer, who has taken good care of the DVC’s finances and has now volunteered to take the position of Chair.  Jim Sanders who has done our advertising and has now volunteered to take the position of Events Chair.  I’d like to thank Chuck Goelz, for his many years of service as our Membership Chair, which is now being taken over by Adam Ilnicki.  Thank you to all DVC’ers who have organized events over the past 20-25 years.  The DVC wouldn’t be the great car club that it is without each and every one of you.

Again I’d like to thank Patty and Jim and wish them the best of luck in their journey as leaders of the DVC.  I hope they have as much fun as I did.  I will support them in any way they need and I’m sure all DVC members will also.

Safety Fast.
See you on the road.

blue dots

Dear DVC’ers

Sandy and I would like to thank you all for the generous “retirement” gifts upon leaving our position of DVC Events Chair.  It has been a real adventure working along with our best friends Tom and Jaimee.  Now, you can’t get rid of us that easily.  We’re planning on being just as active and even hosting some events ourselves.

We’re grateful for all of our members who have hosted events over the years.  It’s you that have made the DVC such an active and fun club to be a part of.

Thank you, good luck and best wishes to all of the past, present and future board members who are volunteering to keep the DVC the best car club ever.

With warm regards,
Dick Suffredini

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