Memorial Day Picnic – 2015

wp-AandE Party N2284 bobfire     June 6, 2015

On June 6 we had another successful Memorial Day DVC Party with a great turn out.  MG’s filled the front lawn on what turned out to be a perfect day for a picnic. The food was delicious and the drinks were ice cold. Rob and Megan showed everyone how skilled they are as grill operators. The grilled polish kielbasa ware perfect. There was plenty of conversations about cars and every day topics. We toasted to Dave Schwab who we knew was here with us in spirit. A camp fire finished out the night as the flames danced into the night sky.

We would like to thank everyone that came and hope everyone enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, great conversations and a good time surrounded by friends.

In attendant were:
Jerry & Lee Keller in a MG powered Honda Pilot; Donna Bristol: MG powered Jeep; David & Carol Johnston: MG powered Saturn Ion; Bill & Evelyn Webb: MGB; Bill & Linda Boorse: MGB; Chuck Delinger: MG powered Pickup; Bobbie & Lyn Hughes: MG unknown; Lew Phillips, MG powered Subaru; Dick & Sandy Suffredini: MGTD; Jaimee Rippert: MGA; Tom Rippert & Earl Wank: MGB; Pat & Carmita Alzamora: MGB; Steve Albright: MG powered Triumph; Paul & Evonna Philips: MGB; Louise Story: MGB; Garth & Susan Gill: MG powered Toyota Highlander; Curtis & Sally Yocum: MG powered BMW; Peter & Nancy Yaskowski: MGTF; Mark & Janet Singer: MG powered Jetta TDI; Rob & Megan Ilnicki: MG powered Firebird; Adam & Eva Ilnicki: MGB. We hope we did not miss anybody, if we did we apologize.

Safety Fast… Eva & Adam Ilnicki

Yesterday afternoon, Saturday June 6th, we attended “A Night under the Stars” at the increasingly lovely home of Adam and Eva Ilnicki in Harleysville. The Ilnickis have obviously been hard at work and the results show beautifully! Although the morning had been somewhat cloudy with a slight threat of showers, by the 3:00 pm party start the skies were bright and sunny, with both the breeze and the hosts warm and welcoming. We were too lazy to count them, but our guess is that nearly a dozen MGs found their way to the Ilnicki front lawn, while about 35 DVCers easily located the ample food and drink in the back yard. The refreshments were excellent and we had a marvelous time schmoozing with our fellow DVCers, many of whom we hadn’t seen since either the Christmas or Anniversary parties. We even got to watch American Pharoah’s historic run to easily take the final leg of the Triple Crown at Belmont. Many thanks to Adam and Eva for their hospitality which is rapidly approaching legendary, and for their friendship which is already there.

Cheers!   Jerry & Lee Keller

Members… Click here to see all the pictures!

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