Wildwood Tour – 2015

wp-DVC CM N2098 GROUP 150DPI     May 15-17, 2015

The weather at the beach is always iffy in May, as the Fischers say, and had our entourage of thirteen British beauties rolled in the day before, it would have been difficult to see their canvas tops a block away. But Friday, May 15th was clear, with a bit of a breeze, and the As, Bs and Ts and GTs rolled into Mar-Lane’s with the sun reflecting from their bonnets. It was a virtual rainbow of colorful classics with their equally colorful occupants honking and waving.

Our gracious proprietors, Chris and Lisa provided a complimentary case of Bass Ale on ice for the arrival of DVC’s brave and weary. Hostess, Gudie Fischer, wearing her usual beaming smile, directed traffic while Wolfgang headed for the Miller Highlife store. Chuck Denlinger had started snapping photos before the wheels had stopped rolling and Mike Kerns had already parked and changed his sparkplugs.

The twins, Sandy Suffredini and Jaimee Rippert, greeted all while Tom and Dick compared part boxes (which, used together, could reconstruct a graveyard TD.) Betty adjusted her idle speed as guest, Wayne, looked on. “What’s a timing screw?” He asked.  “I never heard of that kind.”

Knees needed flexing, so everyone strolled up Atlantic Avenue to dinner at the famous Skellinger’s seafood restaurant (which has the entire story of Cape May County maritime history displayed on its roof…you can’t miss it!) As always, the food was great and owner Tony surprised with a complimentary, after dinner lemonchello shot for each…he’s Greek you know.)

Adam and Eva Ilnicki, Pat and Patty Cawthorne and Jim and Diane Sanders provided most of the jokes and stories as we sat and drank on the hidden patio – complete with kitchen two refrigerators, of course, and three barbeques just in case we got hungry again.

Nearly everyone managed to make it to Uncle Bill’s Pancake House for breakfast on a beautiful Saturday morning before heading south to Lighthouse Point and bird sanctuary by the sea in old Cape May. Our group split into two groups with Wolfgang leading one and Paul the other. It was a perfect run, without a breakdown or a lost MG, and our glorious row of beauties, parked side-by-side drew attention by young and old alike (a Japanese tourist took about a thousand photos and seemed flabbergasted to learn that the cars had been made in England).

A terrific walk through the sanctuary, with the Corderos and the Gills taking the lead, ended with all thirteen classics rendezvousing at the famous Lobster House for lunch. An afternoon around the pool back in Wildwood, with some at the beach a block away, provided color and worked up an appetite for dinner Saturday night at the Oyster House back in Cape May – great food served among pristine, nautical décor – after dinner drinks in the Captain’s bar – then back to Wildwood for the fire works. What a blast! Don’t miss this one next year!

– Paul Holl

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