Golf Outing and Picnic – 2013

wp_IMG_1214   June 29, 2013

Once again DVC members named Phillips hosted the popular golf outing at Waltz’s Golf Farm followed by a picnic. Lew Phillips took charge of the Golf Farm making sure everyone had their meal and ice cream tickets and scorecards for the various courses.  A bonus was a visit with movie and TV actress, Lisa Waltz (MGB) whose family has run the Farm for years.

When the scores were all tabulated and burgers, hot dogs and ice cream consumed it was time for the 9th Annual P&P Non-Rallye drivers meeting. A harsher test of odometers is unknown to man. The Rallye Master gave his instructions and sent the participants on their way. Meanwhile he hustled to the end point, the Paul and Evonna Phillips place, where the picnic was held. Not too long finishers arrived but revealed the Rallye Master made a serious  error in the instructions, i.e., leaving out a turn near the end of the course. Some teams soon abandoned the course when they felt there had to be something missing but others placed faith in the directions and end up with a much longer ride through the countryside. After all the teams staggered in the Rallye Master was duly berated and a decision made to draw names from a hat. Jim and Diane Sanders were declared the winners of this year’s running. Although it must be noted that Team Rippert did provide the exact distance asked.

With that out of way all settled in for an afternoon in the shade and doing what DVCers enjoy most other than driving MGs;  eating  the various goodies provided by members and drinking a beverage of their choice. Thank you all for making this year’s event a successful one.

Those who started the day at Waltz’s were Paul and Evonna  Phillips (’74 Midget), Lew Phillips (’80 MGB), Earl Wanklin (’70 Porsche 9117), Tom and Jaimee Rippert (’53 TD), Jim and Diane Sanders (76 MGB), Lyn and Bobbie Hughes with grandkids, Liam and Ceris(’05 Explorer), Bill and Evelyn Webb (MGB), Dick and Sandy Suffredini, (’05 Jaguar), Peter and Nancy Yaskowski (’54 TF), Dave and Gloria Schwab (’50 TD), Jerry and Lee Keller (Honda Pilot), Chuck Denlinger (Chevy PU), Mark and Janet Singer (’71 MGB), Bill and Anne McCurdie (’71 MGB GT), Warren and Nancy Doerner (’77 MGB), Pat and Patty Cawthorne (’77 MGB) and Lee Wesner (‘56 MGA).

Those welcomed at the picnic include Adam and Eva Ilnicki (MGB),  Louise Story (TD), Chuck and Judy Goelz (MGA), John and Pat Hunt (Miata) and Pat and Carmita Alzamora (Sebring Convertible).


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