Yuengling Tour & Picnic – 2013

wp_Yeungling-Tour-line-up-0133-wID-and-photoJuly 6, 2013

On Saturday July 6th, at 7:15am a team of 7 cars strong started rolling out of Harleysville towards Pottsville, PA.  We drove the beautiful scenic back roads of Pennsylvania, and after a quick pit stop at the Hamburg Wawa, we were rolling again.  During our two and a half hour trip other DVC members join in.  As we reached the Yuengling parking lot, we had grown to 12 cars strong!

Our private tour of the brewery was a huge success, thanks to Lisa our “hot shot” tour guide.  We learned a lot about the history of Yuengling as well as the production process of their beer.  At the end of the tour, Lisa switched her roll from tour guide to bartender and we enjoyed some samples of Yuengling beer.

After saying goodbye to our hosts at the Yuengling Brewery, we started our trip back to Harleysville for our 4th of July picnic.  Our trip back was a non-stop two hour journey in extremely hot and humid conditions.  Needless to say everyone was ready for food and “refreshments”.  By the time the food was ready to serve more people had shown up and the party was in full swing.  There was a lot of talking and laughing as everyone enjoyed each other’s company.

Eva and Adam would like to send out our deepest thanks to everyone that attended our event.  A special thanks to Tom and Jamie Rippert for helping us prepare the beautiful routes we took to and from Pottsville.  Without them our trip would have had much more twists and turns in the road!

Those who drove along side of us were:

Dave and Gloria Schwab – MGB/GT 1972
Paul and Evonna Phillips – MGB/GT 1973
Dick and Sandy Suffredini – MG/TD 1952
Tom and Jamie Rippert – MGB 1976
Pat and Patty Cawthorne – MGB 1977
Warren and Nancy Doerner – MGB 1977
Mark and Janet Singer – MGB 1971
Peter and Nancy Yaskowski – MG/TF 1954
David and Chris Johnston – MGB 1977
Rich and Brenda Mooers – Porsche Cayenne S
Chuck Denlinger – Pickup Truck
Adam and Eva Ilnicki – MGB 1973

Those who joined us for the celebration:

Jim and Diane Sanders
Jerry and Lee Keller
Patrick and Carmita Alzamora
Garth and Susan Gill
Donna Bristol
Louise Story

I hope I did not miss anyone on the list!  If I did my apologies, I have a good memory, just short!



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