Annual Planning Meeting – 2019

November 10, 2019

Thirty DVCers made their way to the Cawthorne Estate to make plans for 2020 – our 50th year as a club.  After the usual preliminary chit chat and hugs, we settled down for our annual business discussion and planning of fun for the new year.  

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Lew Phillips who started things off by displaying a beautiful custom, hand crafted, mahogany box with walnut trim to house our unique gavel and block.  The box was made to honor our 50th anniversary.

All meeting minutes (general and board) will be presented in the ‘members’ section of the website.  (So, members should head over there to get the details and ‘member’ stuff.)  In the meantime… here are some highlights from the meeting itself…

  • While many clubs and organizations are hurting badly for money, we are fortunate enough to be able to hold our annual dues at $20/yr.
  • Membership dues are currently due and need to be paid before 1/1/2020 to stay current.
  • We have a new regalia store set up!  Members can now get tons of different items with our logo screen printed or embroidered.  Links are on the website.
  • Speaking of the website… In honor of the 50th, the site will be heading into the garage over the winter for an upgrade.  (Suggestions are encouraged.)
  • A new set of Guidelines and Job Descriptions was unveiled and are available on the website in the ‘Members’ area.

With the heavier business stuff out of the way, we headed on to the more fun part of the meeting… planning for the 50th.  Here are some of the highlights…

  • A 50th anniversary version of the logo is in the works.  (It is now done and at the top of this article.)
  • The theme this coming year will be ‘Driving’… “Driving into the next 50 years!”  We plan to have a lot of driving events and several overnighters.
  • Three key events are already planned…
    • Anniversary Party – March 7, 2020 at the Red Horse Motor Club in Pottstown, PA
    • Our Car Show – August 1, 2020 at Pennypacker Mills in Schwenksville, PA
    • Holiday Party – December 5, 2020 at the Bay Pony Inn in Lederach, PA
  • We are planning on kicking all of our events up a notch.  We would greatly appreciate RSVPs to the events (and let us know if you aren’t coming, too) so that our hosts can properly plan.  With a lot of driving events, we need RSVPs so that we don’t leave you behind!  We will be putting up sign-up sheets on the website for everyone’s convenience.
  • We then brainstormed and came up with a lot of great events for 2020!  They will soon be posted on the website.  It looks like it will be a terrific year with a lot to do.

Finally done with the annual ‘business and planning stuff’, the gang feasted on a variety of hoagies and other goodies.  And of course… more chit chat before people started to head back home.

The DVC thanks Pat and Patty for their hospitality and thanks the members who came out to share ideas and volunteer to run events.  Participation and creativity is what keeps the club strong and growing… into the next 50 years!

Meeting adjourned… Let the fun resume!

— Lew Phillips

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