Radnor Hunt – 2019

Web_201909_Radnor_20190907-051433 September 7, 2019

The Radnor Hunt Club Cars and Coffee, sponsored by RDS Automotive Group, had the following members representing the DVC: Dave and Erin Alderfer, Brian Gumpert (photographer), Curtis Yocum, Dick & Sandy Sufferdini, Warren & Nancy Doerner, Louise Story & guest John Petraglia.  Since this event was almost canceled by the Concours, RDS Automotive stepped in the last minute to save it.  This had an effect on the parking arrangements for our MG’s, so we each had to find our own parking space.  With the due diligence of Dick, Sandy, Warren, and Nancy, we found each other and grouped at the send-off point for the Concours Rally – which by that time was just about completed.  Louise’s son and his friend participated in the Rally in a 2008 Lotus.

Curtis, Dick, and Sandy headed off in a different direction and we caravanned to Chanticleer.  It was a perfect day for a picnic and it appeared we were ahead of the crowd. Brian took pictures to document the walk through the gardens as the specimen trees and plants were joyfully showing us their lush end of summer growth.

By 2:30 P.M. we had packed up our stuff and headed for home … weary, yes, but inspired by the beautiful surroundings filling us with peaceful serenity.

— Louise Story


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