Memorial Day Party – 2018

web_201806_Mem Day Picnic_20180602-174823  June 2, 2018

The day of Ilnicki’s Memorial Day Party had a forecast for heavy downpours starting at 3:00 p.m.  Adam, Eva and their son Rob spent the entire morning preparing for these predicted downpours by erecting canopies and tarps in hopes to keep everyone dry. People started to arrive around 3:00 with coolers and food in hand. Six MG’s, including Adam’s, adorned the Ilnicki front yard.

Adam had a fire going in the back yard with a pot of spicy jambalaya cooking over the flames. It was time to eat. Adam and Eva made their famous Polish kielbasa and pierogies, and everyone else brought delicious salads and desserts.

The afternoon progressed into evening without a drop of rain. Was it another bad weather forecast or did the tarps and canopies keep us dry. Guess we’ll never know. Everyone enjoyed the day with DVC friends while listening to Adam’s music.

Those in attendance were:

  • Wolfgang and Gudie Fischer – 2005 Volvo
  • Tom and Jaimee Rippert – 1976 MGB
  • Paul and Evonna Phillips – 1973 MGB GT
  • Louise Story – 2009 Infiniti
  • Dick and Sandy Suffredini – 2016 Subaru
  • Curtis and Sally Yocum – 1974 MGB
  • Garth and Susan Gill – 2016 Subaru
  • Rob Ilnicki – 1977 Firebird
  • Dave and Erin Alderfer – 1973 MGB
  • Warren and Nancy Doerner – 1977 MGB
  • Graham and Susie Gill – 2006 Saab
  • Jeff and Robin Rose – 2017 Mini Cooper
  • Adam and Eva Ilnicki – 1952 MGTD

Also attending the party were “Buddy” Fischer (Golden Retriever), and “Aza” and “Saba” Ilnicki (the Doberman sisters).

— Jamie Rippert

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