Wildwood Weekend – 2018

web_201805_Wildwood_20180519-231447  May 19-20, 2018

DVC classic cars sloshed their way to Wildwood on Friday, May 18 to participate in the annual Wildwood weekend. Tops were up, windows closed, and curtains tight as eleven hearty drivers jockeyed for the half-dozen or so parking spaces under roof at the Mar-Lane motel.

It’s worth noting here that a certain former DVC chairman and his wife, whose first name begins with “J”, arrived one day early just to stake his claim to one such dry spot. Experience counts.

Knowing that DVC’ers are never daunted by less than perfect conditions, event sponsors Gudie and Wolfgang Fischer pressed on with their plans, which due to the weather included more elbow bending and eating than shifting gears.

It rained dogs, birds and fish as 20+ club members trudged to the Dog Tooth, the Mud Hen and the fishing Wharf for excellent food, drink and laughs. Chairman Patty Cawthorne especially enjoyed the Mud Hen, but couldn’t remember why.

Nights were party time. Jokes were played and told, and music filled the room. It is worth mentioning here that one excited DVCer passed out from excitement after swooning over an Eric Clampton love song. It was a curt ending of the party for him.

One night never ended for the Ripperts, as they were entertained by groans coming from the next room until wee hours of the morning, but denied joining in.

Sunday morning measured up to its name and after breakfast an A, a B and two TDs found a warm and sunny window in the sky to caravan to Two Mile Island and the Crab House on the bay before heading home.

It was a weekend of friendship among members brought together by a common love for a small British car named MG.



  • Mike and Karen Kearns
  • Pat and Patty Cawthorne, MGA
  • Tom and Jaimee Rippert, MGB
  • Dick and Sandy Suffredini, MGTD
  • Larry and Connie Cordeiro
  • Adam and Eva Ilnicki, MGTD
  • Tom and Barbara Post
  • Curtis and Sally Yocum
  • Ben and Cindi Nolan
  • Wolfgang and Gudie Fischer, event chairs
  • Paul Holl, MGTD

— The Editor

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