Holiday Party – 2016

bm_201612_Holiday_20161203-192717  December 5, 2016

2016 Holiday Party

The weather outside wasn’t frightful, and the friends were so delightful. And since it did not snow, let us go, let us go, let us go.

And so we did… 67 DVC’ers gathered together on a chilly December 5th to again celebrate at our annual party. This year we all met at Generations in Souderton, a community center that ironically had once been a car dealership – Ford, not MG, but a dealership none the less. One of the nice things about the place was that we had it all to ourselves.

Lew and Cora got there early to make sure all was ready and to get the Christmas music going. They were shortly joined by Bob and Terri Tiley… and the load of raffle goodies. As she always does, Terri did an outstanding job of gathering all kinds of items for the raffle. Thanks, Terri! We don’t know how you do it, but we certainly appreciate it! (and hope you do it again next year… hint… hint… hint.)

As the members started to come in, we deputized some new raffle ticket sales people. Our tried and true ticket queens, Jaimee and Sandy, may have retired, but they graciously showed the new team the tricks of the trade as well as manned (ladyed?) the drawing bucket. Tickets of every color started to fill people’s hands and the tables as our crew sold away. The place started to look like a skee-ball palace at the shore with so many prizes and tickets!

The chatting between old friends (and a handful of new members) continued with the beer and wine keeping the wind pipes well lubricated. The only pauses were to down some of the delicious hors d’oeuvres that were being brought around to keep everyone nourished. But soon it was time to break out the real food, so our new Chairperson Patty called the party to order. Soon we were all sitting at our tables, eating chicken, salmon, or fillet… but still talking… and drinking.

Patty called us back to order as we finished off the last of the desert. It was show time! Time to see if she could fill the shoes of our long time Master of Ceremonies, Tommy! After some initial remarks, we were on to the drawing of the tickets. Patty did an admirable job of calling the numbers – and was even able to tell the green tickets from the blue ones (a problem that Tommy seemed to have last year). 🙂

Terri’s collection of raffle prizes (along with some donations from club members) took up several tables and required a crew to help distribute them as the numbers were called. I would swear that if it was just Patty calling numbers and Terri handing out prizes, we would still be there!

As we got to the end of the prizes and awarding of the ‘special prizes’, there was still one more ‘drawing’ to be held. The decorations for each table included two model MG cars – the last pieces from the Roy Dougherty collection (we miss you, Roy!). One was awarded to the person at the table whose birthday was closest to the party date… and the other to the person whose birthday was furthest away.

With the food eaten, prizes awarded, and members exhausted from chatting, the party wound down and we were back out on the road heading home… and starting the plans for next year!

We would like to thank Lew and Cora for setting up the event, Terri Tiley for gathering the prizes, Patty Cawthorne for emceeing, and our ticket sales and prize patrol for helping out. Lew and Cora would also like to give a special thanks to Christopher Lutz from ‘Catering by Christopher’ for all his help in arranging the venue and food.

(A little side note… After the event, Christopher mentioned that he remembered that I had told him that the DVC enjoys their beer and wine. Because of that, he brought more than usual for a party such as ours… and still ran out of some things! As he said, “Wow! I’ll know for next time!”)

— Lew Phillips

Members… Click here to see all the pictures!


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