DVC Car Show and P3 Party – 2016

bm_201608_Car Show_20160806-092120  August 6, 2016

2016 Marks Year 12 at Pennypacker Mills

Given that this was the 12th time we have staged this show we might know how to put it on down to a science.  That impression might be true as Ella, the head caretaker of Pennypacker Mills, relayed that people visiting the mansion commented to her staff about how well we seemed to be organized about  our share of the event.  Even though we had one of our smallest fields of 67 registered vehicles it did come off without any real hitches.

Bright and early on the 6th of August the Pit Crew began the set-up fueled by the coffee that Bill Boorse provided and by 9:30 we were set for the entrants to begin to roll in. Field Manager, Lyn Hughes, and his helpers guided the cars into their proper places and the day settled into one of strolling through the aisles to see all the fine representations of various British marques.

Once the voting was in Tom Rippert proceeded with his announcing duties of the winners with club chairman, Patty Cawthorne, handing out the rewards and providing her smiling face by posing with all the winners.

A couple of cars created the most “buzz” on the field. One was a red 1959 Morgan Plus 4. Brian and Jill Hixson hauled this in from Greensburg, PA, which not far from Pittsburgh.  They left with a couple mugs including the one for “Best of Show”. The other car was a red 1958 Berkley SE328 hauled in by  Carol and Steve Neubaur of  Delran, NJ. They, too, were able to drive back home with a first place mug.

After all the rewards were handed out the Crew made short work of clearing the field back to its original shape. Of course, with the reward of good food and cool drinks on hand at the Ripperts, made everyone put forth their best effort.

Thanks to all participants and Pit crew members for creating a great event. Also, thanks to the following sponsors for their donations for the “goodie bags” and awards:

  • Apple Hydraulics
  • British Marque Car Club News
  • Moss Motors
  • Rock Auto Parts
  • JC Taylor Insurance

2016 Car Show Winners:

Class I- Austin Healey 100-4, 100-6, 3000 & Jensen Healey
First – Dirk Feldmann, Chester Springs, PA   1956 Austin Healey 100/4  #164

Class III- Triumph TR2, TR3, TR3A, TR4 &TR4 IRS
First – Frank Angelini, Downingtown, PA  1959 Triumph TR3A   #158

Class IV- Triumph TR250, TR6, TR7, TR8
First – Ray McIver, Philadelphia, PA   1975 Triumph TR6  #155

Class V- Triumph Spitfire, GT6 & Stag
First – John Mann Spring City, PA   1973 Triumph Spitfire    #139

Class VII- Jaguar XKE Roadsters, Coupes & XJS
First – Bob and Judy Lausch   Lititz, PA  1997 Jaguar XK8  #140

Class VIII- Jaguar Sedans, Rolls Royce & Bentleys (Vintage & Modern)
First – Tom Boorse, North Wales PA, 1935 Rolls Royce 20/25    #122

Class X- MG Pre 1956 Roadster, Sedan, Magnette & Variant
First – Lee Ahrens, Reading PA, 1947 MG TC  #151
Second – Hank Rippert, Soddy Daisy TN,  1951 TD   #167

Class XI- MGA Roadster, Coupe, Twin Cam, Magnette & Variant
First – Christopher Bacon, Perkasie PA, 1957 MGA  #146
Second – Jim and Karen Schutte, Harleysville, PA  1958 MG Magnette ZB  #104
Third – Rich and Brenda Mooers, Huntington Stann, NY  1958 MGA  #141

Class XII- Chrome Bumper MGB, MGC & MGBV8 Tourer, GT & Modified
First – Gloria Ciarrocca, Lancaster PA,   1970 B   #102
Second – Mike Stein  Langhorne, PA   1969  MGC  GT  #163

Class XIII- Rubber Bumper MGB, MGC & MGBV8, Tourer, GT & Modified
First – Jim and Karen Schutte Harleysville, PA  1974.5 MGB GT  #103
Second – David Weyandt, Laureldale PA,  1979 B  #166
Third – Mark Johnson Gilbertsville, PA  1976  B V-8  #161

Class XIV- MG Midget Chrome & Rubber Bumper & Modified
First – Noel Torchio, Blandon, PA  1976 Midget    #153

Class XV- Morgan and Daimler Roadsters, Drop Head Coupes and Trikes
First – Brian and Jill Hixson, Greensburg, PA   1959 Morgan Plus 4  #147

Class XVI- Miscellaneous British Roadsters & Racer
First – Carol and Steve Neubaur, Delran, NJ   1958 Berkley  SE328  #152

Class XVII- Miscellaneous British Coupes, Sedans, Saloons & Utility Vehicles
First – Kristi Liebel, Pottstown, PA   1971 Morris 1100   #136

Best Attending Club – Philadelphia MG

Diamond in the Rough – Lambert Liebel,  Pottstown, PA  1977 MG Midget  #135

Ladies’ Choice – Lee Ahrens, Reading PA, 1947 MG TC  #151

Best in Show – Brian and Jill Hixson, Greensburg, PA   1959 Morgan Plus 4  #147

— Paul Phillips

Members… Click here to see all the pictures!


Members… Click here to see all the pictures!


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