Hornsby Rallye – 2016

bm_201607_Hornsby_20160716-155800  July 16, 2016

2016 Tom Hornsby Memorial Rallye

The DVC 2015 Hornsby Rallye was held on Saturday, July 16 with 11 cars participating. We started from the same location as last year, the Turkey Hill in the Bucks County village of Harrow. The sunny skies of previous years returned but brought the heat making for an uncomfortable day. The first car was off at 1:00 in the afternoon and the other cars followed at 1 minute intervals. The rout again wound through a variety of scenic roads in the woods of upper Bucks County, although this year sadly I had to stick with paved roads. The route ended at the Sanders for a late lunch and beverages.  A couple of cars ultimately DNF’d, but most managed to  complete the course within reasonable time. Everyone made it to the picnic and there were no mechanical failures during the event. Other than getting lost a few times everyone seemed to have a great time.

The participants were Tom and Jaimee Rippert, Dick and Sandy Suffredini, Jen and Steve Albright, Jill and Wade Albright, Paul and Evonna Phillips,  Garth and Susan Gill, Graham and Susan Gill, Leah Foster and Amanda Naples, Sam Senior and Pat Hampson, Jay and Benjamin Kaufman, and last but not least Jim Sanders and Lisa Burke.

Lew Phillips, Adam and Eva Linicki, and Louise Story couldn’t make the rally but we were happy to see that they were there for the socializing.

Always turn in a time and distance at the end, a good estimate awarded Jim and Lisa 1st place!
Congratulations to Tom and Jaimee Rippert who again took home 2nd place and the Hornsby Trophy which is awarded to the 1st T series car. Honors also go to  and 3rd place to Paul and Evona Phillips.

Thanks to all for their participation. Special thanks to Tom and Jaimee for obtaining the engraved pewter plaque awards and double special thanks to Jim and Diane for hosting the picnic at the end.

Hope to see everyone at next year’s rally.

— The Cawthornes

Members… Click here to see all the pictures!

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