Tech Session – 2016

20160416_Tech-Session_20160416-123450   April 16, 2016

A Family Affair

(The Schwab family and DVC)

April 16, 2016 was a glorious day for the Schwab’s and their extended DVC family to come together in memory of long time DVCer, David Schwab.

For years, DVC members have enjoyed the pleasure of using the Schwab family estate in rural Pottstown for its annual tech session. A beautiful and historic home flanked by multiple garages, a lift, tools, and British car memorabilia served as the site for the Club’s Spring car tune-up session. This Saturday in April allowed tops to come off or down by noon on more than 30 great cars.

Classics and antiques to be serviced, repaired, admired, and photographed joined together, representing at least 15 MGBs, 3 MGAs, 4 GTs, 2 TDs, 1 MGTA, 1 TC, and 1 TF. Most owner-drivers proved to be capable mechanics and no major mishaps were reported. However, one troubled, trouble light “malfunctioned” for Kurt and Bruce until it was discovered to be un-plugged. Jeff Rose checked out Jay Kaufman’s inherited black TF while Dave Johnston rewired his B with most standing in the sun watching, eating, and drinking.

All of us in attendance salute Gloria, Dylan, and the rest of the Schwab family as our gracious hosts for this event. Excellent friends, food and memories made for a perfect kickoff to a new driving season. If you missed this event, make up for it by attending the rest of this year’s events.

Joining in the tech session were:  Lee Ahrens – TA, TC & TD; Otto & Ruth Blavier – B; Bill Boorse – B & GT; Donna Bristol – Jeep; Pat Cawthorne – A; Warren & Nancy Doerner – B; Ernie Feldgus – Porsche 911; Graham Gill – TD; Garth & Susan Gill – A; Paul Holl – SL, TD; Lyn Hughes – Spitfire; Adam & Eva Ilnicki – B; Dave Johnston –B; Ken Jones – B; Jay Kaufman – TF; Jill & Lily Kozo (a/k/a Tinkerbell); Sue Mahan; Lew Phillips – Tahoe; Paul & Evonna Phillips – B, GT; Tommy & Jaimee Rippert – B; Jeff Rose – GT; Jim Sanders – A; Gloria & Dylan Schwab – B; Mark & Janet Singer – B; Bill Shields – B; Louise Story – B ;Dick & Sandy Suffredini – TD; Bruce, Deb & Erica Swanson – B, GT; Bob Tiley – B; Lee Wesner – A (1500); Kurt & Sally Yocum.

— Paul Holl

Members… Click here to see all the pictures!

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