Movie Night – 2016

201601_Movie Night_20160117-150726   January 17, 2016

(A Camper’s Nightmare)

The Movie Tavern in Collegeville was alive last month with the film, “Revenant”, that starts with a brutal attack by a bear – and gets even better (New York Daily News). Cinemablend reviewed it this way: “Punishing, visceral, masculine, grisly and utterly captivating…”.

Hugh Glass (Leonardo Di Caprio) is injured from a brutal bear attack after which his fellow hunters leave him for dead. Fortunately he survives and uses his skills to find his way back home. It is a powerful movie featuring an outstanding performance by Di Caprio to be endured by the mind and spirit.

Those enduring and enjoying were:

The Ripperts, the Suffredinis, Jerry Keller, Louise Story, the Sanders, the Ilnickis, Brian Gumpert and Maryann, the Lakes, Dave Johnston and Gudie Fischer.

But the movie isn’t for everyone, especially if you’re an avid camper…just ask Wolfgang.

Many thanks to the Ripperts and Suffredinis for the arrangements and the party after.

— Paul Holl

Members… Click here to see all the pictures!

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