Lancaster Tour – 2015

bm_201510_Lancaster_20151026-135552   October 24, 2015

(A beautiful day in Deutsch country)

No, that’s not a misprint. Early British settlors in Pennsylvania, when asking immigrants what language they spoke, mistook the German word “Deutsch” for “Dutch”. Consequently, for hundred of years the Pennsylvania Germans in Lancaster (named for a town in England) have been erroneously referred to as “Pennsylvania Dutch”. The Amish are of German descent and their fabulous farms roll for miles across gorgeous, British inspired, Lancaster County.

DVC’s caravan of a dozen or so British TDs and Bs, one German roadster and a Honda van wound its way through the lush, post-harvest countryside passing black carriages and wagons pulled by proud steeds, heads held high and striding with perfect rhythm. Young Amish girls waved and smiled at our horseless buggies as if they were looking at an MG for the first (love at first sight, of course) time.

Our planners/sponsors, Dave Johnston and Chuck Denlinger, couldn’t have mapped a better route – along the Schuylkill River, through French Creek State Park to the Morgantown Windmill Restaurant for breakfast. Then off to Parkesburg and Gap where, we made a quick Wawa stop before, rumbling off to the Ephrata Cloister.

German mystic Conrad Beissel was lured to Pennsylvania in 1720 by the writings of William Penn and Beissel’s quest for religious freedom. Today, an historical site, The Cloister presents an intriguing look at a unique, early Pennsylvania settlement as alluring as the Amish homesteads.

Lunch at the Plain and Fancy restaurant in Bird in Hand, Pa. was more than welcomed, as the skies darkened and temperatures dropped. Much more had been planned for the remainder of the day, including a buggy ride through Amish country and a beer and wine tasting stop, but while many chose to head home, our fearless leaders, Dave and granddaughter Alyssa forged onward.

Their buggy driver, Amish girl Ester, gave them a front seat ride through Bird in Hand with first-hand explanations of Amish life. Everyone will want to hang around for this special experience next year.

Hail to our attendees:

  • Sally and Curt Yocum (B)
  • Louise Story (B)
  • Bryan Gumpert (BGT)
  • Sandy & Dick Suffredini (TD)
  • Eva & Adam Ilnicki (TD)
  • Evelyn & Bill Webb (B)
  • Diane & Jim Sanders (B)
  • Gloria Schwab & Chuck Denlinger (B)
  • Dave & Alyssa Johnston (B)
  • Barry Williams & Donna Bristol (Honda Van)
  • Paul Holl (MB).

— Paul Holl

Members… Click here to see all the pictures!

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