Hornsby Rallye – 2015

bm_201510_Hornsby_20151006-091313   October 3, 2015

(In the beginning there was another Tom)

We all realize how much our own Tom and Jamie Rippert have contributed to DVC over the years, but I must confess that I didn’t know there once was another Tom who was the inspiration for DVC’s formation. Somehow, this doesn’t surprise me. Tom Hornsby (according to club historical accounts) was every bit the likeable guy who serves as our club president.

It was our Tom’s brother, Hank, who first met the original Tom at a gathering in Danbury, Connecticut in 1967 (when our Tom was probably still too young to drive) after Hornsby spied Hank’s PA license plate in the crowd. Tom Hornsby lived in Philadelphia and was an avid collector of antiques who loved to drink martinis – a friendship just waiting to blossom. Hank and Tom discussed the idea of forming a local club and, as they say, the rest is history. Tom Hornsby died in 1974 but his pal Hank didn’t forgot about his pal.

The annual DVC Hornsby Memorial Rallye was Hank’s way of honoring his friend and this year’s event in Tom’s honor was held on Saturday, October 3 with 8 cars participating. The rallye roared off from the same location as last year, the Turkey Hill in the Bucks County village of Harrow. The sunny skies of previous years were absent, and most participants decided to go ‘hoody’. The first car was off at 1:09 in the afternoon and the last car at 1:16. The route wound through a variety of scenic roads in the woods of upper Bucks County (most of which since the Hornsby days have been paved) and ended at the Cawthorne’s for a late lunch and beverages. A couple of cars (identities withheld) ultimately DNF’d, but most managed to complete the course within a reasonable time. Everyone made it to the picnic, after a few wrong but scenic turns, and there were no mechanical failures during the event! Everyone had a great time as, no doubt, would have had Tom Hornsby in his TF.

The participants were Tom and Jaimee Rippert, Dick and Sandy Suffredini, Chuck Denlinger and Donna Bristol, Jen and Steve Albright, Jill and Wade Albright, Adam and Eva Ilnicki, Garth and Susan Gill, Paul and Evonna Phillips and Ben and Cindy Nolan.

Congratulations to Tom and Jaimee Rippert who again took home 1st place and the Hornsby Trophy which is awarded to the 1st T series car. Honors also go to 2nd place to Jill and Wade Albright and 3rd place to Paul and Evona Phillips.

Thanks to all for their participation. We give a special thanks to Tom and Jaimee for obtaining the engraved pewter plaque awards and to the Cawthornes for their sponsorship and hospitality.

Hope to see everyone at next year’s rallye.

— Paul Holl

Members… Click here to see all the pictures!

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