Tom Hornsby Memorial Cup Rallye – 2012

bm_IMG_8941    July 29, 2012

The day started out cloudy but with some breaks in the clouds and finally turned partly sunny.  Shortly after noon the first MGs began to arrive at the designated start, the East Greenville Walmart parking lot, and by 12:45 we had a total of 12 cars signed up, 11 MGs, plus Earl Wanklin’s Soobaroo.  The DVC’s Founding Chairman Emeritus, Hank Rippert, was in town with his outstanding black TD which he piloted with brother Tommy serving  as Navigator.  Two other TD’s were entered to make the run at the Hornsby Cup this year.  (With the diminishing MG T-Series entries, there has been some talk of expanding eligibility for the Hornsby Cup to ALL MG’s…. maybe next year?)

The field of 12 cars were as follows:

Car # – Make – Driver / Navigator – Finish Position
1 – MG TD – Hank Rippert / Tom Rippert – DLBF(MG)* (Lost)
2 – MG TD – Donna Bristol / Walt King – DNF – FCH** – REAL Lost
3 – MGB – Jim Sanders / Lisa Burke (daughter) – 7th Place
4 – MGB – Lew Phillips – 3rd Place – Award Presented
5 – Soobaroo – Earl Wanklin / (solo) – DNF – FTTB***
6 – MGA Coupe – Bill Boorse / Linda Boorse – 4th Place
7 – MGB – Dave Schwab / Gloria Schwab – 6th Place
8 – MGB – Adam Ilnicki / Eva Ilnicki – 9th Place
9 – MG TD – Dick Suffredini / Sandy Suffredini – 5th Place + Hornsby Cup
10 – MG Midget – Paul Phillips / Evonna Phillips – 2nd Place – Award Presented
11 – MGA – Jim Taylor / Janet Taylor – 1st Place – Award Presented
12 – MGA – Chuck Goelz / Judy Goelz – 8th Place

*DLBF(MG) = Dead Last But Finished – in an MG
**DNF – FCH = Did Not Finish, but First Car Home
***DNF – FTTB = Did Not Finish, but First To The BAR !!

As the last entry departed the start, Lee and I made our way to Vince’s for a cold one, as this starting business is truly thirst-provoking.  We took up positions on the covered deck where there was a nice breeze, but we hadn’t been there an hour when lo and behold, there’s Wank at the bar, also enjoying a cold one!  “What’s up?”, we asked…. And it turned out Wank gave up at Chickadee Lane!  Now we all know Wank’s a seasoned rallyist, but the lure of the beer is strong, especially on these hot days, and besides….. what’s a Soo-bar-oo doing on an MG rallye anyway?

For the second year in a row, the team of Jim & Janet Taylor – also very experienced rallyists – came in FIRST, with very close to a perfect score.  Close behind were Paul & Evonna Phillips in SECOND, followed by Lew Phillips in THIRD.  Scoring FIFTH in the rallye, Dick & Sandy Suffredini drove the top-scoring T-Series MG, which earned them the TOM HORNSBY MEMORIAL CUP for the umpteenth time.

The food at Vince & Friends Restaurant was very good, and “especially good” comments were heard about the cheesesteaks, always a good sign in the Philly area.  Our hostess Rose was cheerful and prompt, the beer was cold, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  I think that means the Rallye was a success again this year.

Cheers!!     Jerry & Lee Keller


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