DVC Car Show “P3” Party – 2012

ws_201208_p3-08   August 4, 2012

I believe this just may have been the hottest Pennypacker Mills car show and P3 party ever!  Just after 3:00 people started arriving at the party looking just a bit wilted and very thirsty.  After a quick cool-down in the air conditioning, people settled into the porch or the garage to relax and have a cold drink after the oppressive heat of the show field.   The garage is always a favorite hang out place – could it be the keg??  We soon had our own little car show going in the driveway.  Hope you all got to meet David and Karen Paul, who we had met at the Pittsburgh Grand Prix two weeks prior.  They own several British cars, brought their Austin Healey to the car show, and are hopefully the newest members of the DVC.

As usual, the food was delicious and the beer good and cold.  Thank you everyone for your contribution to dinner and your help in making this another successful P3 party.  A special thank you to Logan Phillips for helping Jaimee pick up the keg and ice.

Attendees were:
Hank Rippert (TD), Earl Wanklin (Porsche), Dick & Sandy Suffredini (TD), Pat & Patty Cawthorne (MGA), Wade Albright & Jill McKeown (MGA), Jeff Rose (MGB), Adam & Eva Ilnicki, Jim & Janet Taylor (MGA), Dave & Gloria Schwab (MGA), Bobbi & Lyn Hughes, Paul & Evonna Phillips (GT), Lew Phillips, Bill & Evelyn Webb (MGB), Louise Story (TD), Bill & Linda Boorse (MGB), Warren & Nancy Doerner (MGB), David & Karen Paul (Austin Healey), Garth Gill, Donna Bristol & Walt King, Dave Sarley (TC), Lee & Liz Niner (MGB), Keith Fishlinger, our neighbors – Cliff & MJ Webb and Ralph & Lilli Walters.

See you at the next DVC event!
Jaimee & Tom

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