Tech Session – 2012

wp_201204_tech_session-28   April 14, 2012

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood for the 2012 Tech Session in Pottstown PA.  Thirty members including several new members and guests looked over the lineup of our own car show, and several projects with a variety of MG’s gave us all something to learn and take home.  Paul Holl wrote” As a new member I attended my first tech session at your beautiful home yesterday.  Thanks for your hospitality and for making me feel completely welcome.  I’m sure that everyone in the club appreciates the excellent opportunity that you have made possible at these sessions, not to mention the friendships.  I feel as though I’ve made many new friends and Fran and I are looking forward to future participation together.  In addition, I learned some things about caring for my TD even better than I have been.  Anything that we can do to contribute to cause and fun we will.  Thanks again. Paul… (p.s) How I’d love to have a garage like yours! ”   Thanks to Paul for summing up the day so well.

A special thanks also to Dick Comly for diving into his overalls and getting right under Chris Hannah’s MGB to help him solve some difficult brake work, and helping Donna Bristol with electrical work on her TD. There were so many projects underway that  it was hard to keep up with the needed tools running.. Pat Cawthorne commented that I have “too many tools”.  So right!

Attending were: Chris Hanna – 76 MGB, Greg Prehodka, Jeff Rose – MGA twin-cam, John Hunt, Dick Comly – 70 MGB, Ben Nolan, Ken Chmielewski and son Christian, Paul & Evonna Phillips – 73 MGBGT, Bill Shields (Carriage Craft), Jim Taylor – ‘new’ MGA, Warren Dorner – MGB, Bill Webb – MGB, Tom Rippert – MGTD, Dick Suffredini – MGTD, Donna Bristol & Walt King and new puppy – MGTD, Jim Sanders – MGTD, Chuck Denlinger – MGTD, Rob Hoeflein – MGTD, Paul Holl – MGTD, Bill Boorse – MGB, Pat & Carmita Alzamora – MGB, Adam Ilnicki – MGB, Pat Cawthorne – MGB, Lew Phillips, Bill Silvershein (Maaco) and George Van Horn (Rakafish LLC).

Thanks to anyone else I may have missed, Dave & Gloria Schwab

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