Anniversary Party – 2012

wp_20120401_anniv_05  April 1, 2012

Sunday, April 1st, proved to be a very enjoyable Sunday afternoon for thirty members celebrating Founders Day of Delaware Valley MG Club.  Forty-two years of the Club’s existence were recognized.  Also recognized were founding members Barbara and Ernie Feldgus and Earl Wanklin.  A long-time member of the club Bob Wagner was also in attendance.

Dick Suffredini emceed the event (we know his right arm was missing driving back that very day from out west).  Tommy texted Dick just 15 minutes before the Party to wish everyone a Happy Anniversary and to hoist a beer for him and Jaimee.

There were two O-wards given out during the festivities.  One was for Adam Ilnicki who suffered an electrical problem with his MG at the beginning of the Triathlon event in August.   Adam woke up ready to get on the road to meet the caravan; however, his MG had other ideas.  Adam indeed thought it was a battery problem, located a battery (remember this is very early in the a.m.) installed it and presumably were then on their way trouble-free.  Adam and Eva met us at the Wurtsboro Airport in New York State where the car again would not start.  Eventually, Adam and DVC Docs found out it was an electrical problem which was eventually repaired.

The second O-ward was given to none other than Dick Suffredini (obviously crafted by his right arm) for thinking his car had a front wheel bearing problem at the spring fling in Wildwood, NJ in May——NOT!!!   After getting the car to Wolfie and Gudie’s place in Wildwood; it was discovered that there was a loose grease cap under the hubcap causing all that noise during the weekend.

As in Founders Day tradition, “The Book” was handed over by the keepers last year, Jim and Diane Sanders, to Adam and Eva Ilnicki, hoping that they enjoy and learn from the wisdom of its content.

Our grateful thanks go to Eva and Adam for finding the Parkside American Grill in Harleysville where we enjoyed a wonderful dinner and very tasty Polish desserts imported from a Polish bakery in Philadelphia by the Ilnickis.  Yummy!!   You two did an excellent job organizing this event!

Attending the event with their British cars noted were:   Churck Denlinger, Eva and Adam Ilnicki (73 MGB), Grandpa and Grandma Schwab (73 MGB), one-armed Dick and Sandy Suffredini (Jag), Evelyn and Bill Webb (74 l/2 MGB), Barbara and Ernie Feldgus, Diane and Jim Sanders, Earl Wanklin, Bruce and Dotty Allen, Frank and Sandy Kern, Paul and Evonna Phillips (73 MGB-GT), Pat and Patty Cawthorne, Karen and Ken Chmielewski, Warren and Nancy Doerner (77 MGB), Bill Boorse (74 MGB), and Bob Wagner.

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