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wp_img_7326 August 6, 2011

An empty field awaited the DVC Pit Crew at 7:30 in the morning at Pennypacker Mills in Schwenksville, PA on August 6. Within a couple hours the diligent work by them transformed it into the 7th annual All British Car Show hosted by DVC.

A total of 87 registrants were hustled through and positioned with a diverse variety of the British marque. The gamut ran from a 1936 Rolls Royce to a 1980 MGB. New this year include a 1970 Innocenti, the Italian version of the Mini, a Nash Metropolitan, which, though an American brand, was built in England and a couple of Sunbeam Tigers.

Shout outs to DVC members for their award winning cars go to Bill Boorse, Mike Kearns, John Zemany and Bruce Allen.

Once all the awards were handed out the Pit Crew again showed great efficiency in clearing the field to what it was in the morning and it was off to celebrate another successful year at the Rippert’s for the post-show party.  (Members… check out the ‘Member’ section for a P3 report.)

2011 Car Show Winners

Class II Austin Healey Sprite
First Place – Floyd Nollett 1960 Sprite

Class III Triumph TR2, TR3, TR3A, TR4 & TR4 IRS
First Place – Alan Cohen 1959 TR3A
Second Place – Tom Going 1960 TR3A

Class IV Triumph TR250, TR6, TR7 & TR8
First Place – Jim Scanlin 1968 TR250
Second Place – Richard Olsen 1972 TR6

Class V Triumph Spitfire, GT 6 & Stag
First Place – Steve Bodenweiser 1969 GT6

Class VII Jaguar Sedan, Rolls Royce & Bentleys (Vintage & Modern)
First Place – Charles Dailey 1959 Jaguar Mark IX

Class IX Mini Classic and Modern
First Place – Cheryl Hoinowski 1970 Innocenti Minimatic

Class X MG Pre-1956 Roadster, Sedan, Magnette & Variant
First Place – Bruce Allen 1939 TB
Second Place – Mike Kearns 1955 TF
Third Place – John Zemany  1954 TF

Class XI MGA Roadster, Coupe, Twin Cam, Magnette & Variant
First Place – Bill Boorse 1957 MGA Coupe
Second Place – James Schulte 1958 Magnette ZB

Class XII Chrome Bumper MGB, MGC & MGBV8 Roadster, GT & Modified
First Place – Ken Collins 1973 MGB GT
Second Place – Richard Williamsson 1965 MGB
Third Place – Larry & Connie Cordeiro 1974 MGB GT

Class XIII Rubber Bumper MGB, MGC & MGBV8 Roadster, GT & Modified
First Place – Carolyn Baranowski 1975 MGB
Second Place – Mark Johnson 1976 MGBV8
Third Place – Doug Wilson 1976 MGB

Class XIV MG Midget Chrome & Rubber Bumper & Modified
First Place – Alex Grant 1969 Midget

Class XV Morgan & Daimler Roadsters, Drop Head Coupes & Trikes
First Place – Ralf Grant 1960 Morgan Plus 4

Class XVI Miscellaneous British Roadsters & Racers
First Class – Lori Noyes 1965 Sunbeam Tiger

Class XVII- Miscellaneous British Coupes, Sedans, Saloons 7 Utility Vehicles
First Place – Chuck Loggia 1958 Nash Metropolitan

Class XVIII British Bikes
First Place – Steven Kemmerer  Norton Commando

Best Attending Club – Delaware Valley Triumph

Best Pre-registered Club – Delaware Valley Triumph

Diamond in the Rough – Preston McEvoy 1970 MGB GT

Ladies’ Choice – Kris and Bob Hill  1954 MG TF

Best of Show – Charles Dailey  1959 Jaguar Mark IX

Show Photos:

The Cars:

The Winners:

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