P&P Golf Outing, Non-Rallye, and Picnic – 2011

wp_dsc04908 July 9, 2011

Those Phillips members sure had Mother Nature on their side for this year’s event.  One couldn’t ask for much better top-down weather or for hitting the miniature links at Waltz’s Golf Farm in Limerick, PA.

Host Lew Phillips and his lovely daughter, Kris, greeted every participant with a smile and the choice of golf courses or driving range.  After golf and lunch it was time for the Non-rallye drivers’ meeting.

Host, Paul Phillips, handed out the directions for one of the most perilous tests of odometers devised by man.  The team closest to the official route mileage would add their name along with past luminaries of the event, Rippert, Goelz, Hughes, Comley, and Alzamora.  Last year the rain gods claimed the prize.

As the teams sallied forth, hostess, Evonna Phillips and son, Logan, made haste to their house for final prep work on the picnic.  Soon the intrepid teams wound their way to the finish where a wide choice of beverages waited to assuage the ordeal.

Once all members gathered the award ceremony began.  As fate would have it the Non-rallye crowned its first repeat winner.  Coming in a mere .2 of a mile off the official distance Tom and Jaimee Rippert laid claim to the title.

With that out of the way the business of eating, drinking and socializing commenced with a fury to cap off the day.

Those who lasted the whole day were Lew Phillips (’80 MGB), Dave and Gloria Schwab (’73 MGB), Paul and Evonna Phillips (’74 Midget, ’95 Saab), Logan Phillips and friend, Everett Criswel (’73 MGB GT), Warren and Nancy Doerner (’77 MGB), Tom and Jaimee Rippert (’53 TD), Dick and Sandy Suffredini (’52 TD), Adam and Eva Ilnicki (’73 MGB), Pat Patty Cawthorne (’58 MGA), Jerry and Lee Keller (TD), Chuck Denlinger (’53 TD), and Earl Wanklin (’05 Ford).

A few, unfortunately, could only play golf: Kris Phillips (’06 Subaru), Michelle Daciuk (’98 Chevy), and Rob Hoetlein with his wife, Maryellen, and daughter, Steph (’53 TD).

Louise Story (’72 MGB), John Hunt (’73 MGB), Bill and Linda Boorse (’76 MGB), Chuck and Judy Goelz (’56 MGA), and Ernie and Barbara Feldgus (’06 Porsche) joined in at the picnic.

Thank you all for attending and making this such a fun event to hold.

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