DVCMG 2010 Annual Meeting

November 21, 2010

The DVCMG Annual Meeting was held on the 21st of November, 2010 at the Silverdale Municipal Building in Silverdale, PA. It was hosted by Diane and Jim Sanders. In attendance were Bruce Allen, Pat and Carmita Alzamora, Bill Boorse,  Donna Bristol, Pat and Patti Cawthorne, Chuck  Denlinger, Warren Doerner,Chuck and Judy Goelz, Adam and Eva Ilnicki, Walt King, Lee and Liz Niner, Ben and Cyndi Nolan, Paul and Evonna Phillips, Jaimee and Tom Rippert, Dick and Sandy Suffredini, Dave and Gloria Schwab, Jim and Diane Sanders, and Lee Wesner. The parking lot was graced with 3 MGBs driven by Dave and Gloria Schwab, Lee and Liz Niner, and Warren Doerner and an MG TB driven by Bruce Allen.

The members were bribed with food and refreshments during the meeting which facilitated the planning of a full calendar of events. Liz Niner announced that she will be stepping down at the end of the year from her post of Club Treasurer (which she proficiently held for 30 years). A hearty round of applause following her announcement spoke for a job well done and the appreciation the club has for her service. Our hostess, Diane Sanders, fell and cut the base of her thumb an hour before the meeting and rushed to the ER. Many thanks to all the members who helped Diane’s panic stricken husband, Jim, with the final preparations for the meeting. Diane arrived near the meeting’s end with 11 stitches closing the deep cut.

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