Guy Fawkes Party – 2010

November 6, 2010

Amid chants of “Burn him, Burn him”, that treasonous scoundrel Guy Fawkes was sent to meet his maker on November 6th, at the home of Bill and Linda Boorse. As a crowd of excited citizens gathered around the pyre, they heard the tale of the traitor’s foiled 5th of November attempt to destroy the houses of parliament, by setting off several dozen barrels of gunpowder in the cellars of the proud old building. Fawkes had no comment prior to his immolation, but his jack-o’-lantern like grin indicated his defiance right up to the end.

Subjects came from many miles away to witness the execution. In particular, several of those present claimed to be part of a patriotic faction known as the DVC. While little is known at this time about the background or motives of this highly mysterious sect, rumors have surfaced that the group follows a leader named Emgee. And although members of the group are sworn to secrecy, this writer was able to obtain a list of the names of those present at the bonfire. That list includes such prominent names as Bristol, King, Lake, Phillips, Rose, Schwab and Story.

Many of the DVC members, and several of those who denied association with that organization, participated in a ritual prior to their arrival that they described as a road rally. Participants in this rite claimed to have “a lot of fun” despite rumors that the rally organizer, blatantly and without regard for the well being of the participants, left out a crucial route instruction, causing many of those in the rally to become hopelessly lost. Although the rallyists refused to name the organizer, sources close to this writer have identified him as the same gentleman whose estate was the site of the execution. Mr. Boorse refused to comment.

Following the destruction of the villain, the revelry continued late into the night with music, food and drink, and the frenzied crowd continued to feed the bonfire with whatever fuel they could find; including the furniture of some unfortunate local residents. As the crowds gradually thinned, the fire died down to embers. And by morning all that remained were a circle of ashes and the remembrance of the 5th of November.

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