50th Anniversary Party – 2020

Web_202003_Anniversary_20200307-040127  March 7, 2020
The DVC was celebrating its 50th year as an MG club.  We gathered at the Red Horse Motoring Club in Pottstown, PA to mark this milestone of the club’s inception.

As usual, the club rallied to the event in true MG style. We had a great representation of our membership. 68 members attended the party to renew friendships, reminisce about good times, and plan for new memories to be made.

The event was held in a beautiful old stone building that was previously the Ludwick Motors car dealership. The building has since been converted into a museum filled with nostalgic auto memorabilia and antique American iron owned by the venue.  We did manage to display our British Iron as well. Inside was Hank Rippert’s 1951 MGTD, Suffredini’s 1962 MGA, Rose’s 1974 MGBGT V8, Ripperts’ 1953 MGTD, and Mike Bartell’s spectacular 1939 MGTB.

Our caterer, Vinnie from Montesano’s, offered a delicious buffet of Italian cuisine and the private bar had all we needed to indulge in the pleasures of our choice. Our dessert included a custom MG 50th logo cake (scrumptious!) and raspberry cheesecake. Hank Rippert also treated the club to Moon pies, a tradition from his state of Tennessee.

As the day moved along, the appearance of a beloved friend of the club, Captain DVC made an entrance and joined the festivities. What a joy to see the Captain, after he returned from his world tour to join us in our celebration.

Next came the presentation of “the Book” by the Lakes. After years of circulation, it was presented back to Hank Rippert, the original recipient. The book is now retired into the club’s history.

Dick and Tommy then presented the traditional “Owards”. One award went to Jim Sanders, another award went to Mr. Suffredini himself, Graham Gill was a lucky recipient, and the last ‘Oward” went to Peter Yaskowski.

For the finale, Tom presented three beautiful plaques to the founding members, Hank Rippert, Le Barre Williams, and (not present) Ed Flax. We all thank these founders for their insight in starting this special club.

As we said our goodbyes, the heart of this club shined brightly. Many thanks to all who attended and to all who helped to make this a very special time. Now the club is off to continue on to the next half-century.

Safety Fast!

— Events Chair – Jeff Rose


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