Hornsby Rallye – 2019

201907_Hornsby_20190713-150742 July 13, 2019

The 2019 Hornsby Rallye was held on July 13th and ended with a beautiful picnic at the home of Dave and Karen Paul. Participating in the rallye in MGTDs were Pat and Patty Cawthorne, Adam and Eva Ilnicki, Tom and Jamie Rippert, and Dick and Sandy Suffredini. Tony and Diane Rosello drove their MG TF and Dave and Erin Alderfer their MGB. Dave and Karen Paul were hosts of the picnic and Jim and Diane Sanders were Rallye Masters. Riley Binder and Parker Cury were guest participants driving a Mini Cooper Sport.

The Rallye was a 90-minute course through the rolling hills of Bucks, Berks and Hunterdon counties. Horse country and historic sites were features. This was combined with challenging questions to answer. As they wound through Durham, Pa, the participants passed a “Bat Mine” and a Durham Boat. The “Bat Mine” is an abandoned iron mine once supplying ore for the Durham Furnace for producing cannon balls for George Washington’s Army. The boat was a true replica of those used during the Revolutionary War. The design of these riverboats was ideal for ferrying the cannonballs produced at the furnace and for transporting George Washington and his troops on the sometimes treacherous Delaware. This boat was used for a number of years in the annual December 25th Washington Crossing the Delaware event at Washington’s Crossing, PA.

All finished the rallye successfully although it is rumored that a resident horse from one of the surrounding farms was borrowed for a tow. Adam and Eva were the first to finish but had the lowest written score as they did not answer any of the questions.

Tony and Diane had the highest written score but the lowest time score, resulting in being squeezed out of third place by a tiebreaker. Riley and Parker had the highest combined score but were not eligible to place as they were invited guests. But winners were eventually found. The winners in order from first to third were Dave and Erin Alderfer, Pat and Patty Cawthorne and Dick and Sandy Suffredini. The Hornsby cup, awarded to the best finish in a T-series car, was won by Pat and Patty. After the rallye all enjoyed food and beverage at the home of Dave and Karen and discussed plans for a 2020 rallye.

— James E. Sanders 


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