Philadelphia Glider Club Picnic – 2016

bm_201609_Glider_20160917-172602  September 17, 2016

2016 Philadelphia Glider Club Picnic

On September 17th DVC members enjoyed a joint picnic with the Philadelphia Glider Council in Hilltown TWP., Bucks County. Many members of our club took advantage of the good weather to drive their MGs. They drew much attention and were admired by members of the glider club.

The feature of this event was the opportunity to go soaring in a glider, released from a tow plane at 3200 ft. This was quite an experience as the gliders soared for 20 to 30 minutes high above the beautiful Pennsylvania landscape searching and finding thermals.

Thirteen members (and guests) took advantage of the opportunity and took flight. It was a beautiful day to fly and also to visit with friends while watching the gliders and tow planes in the air. After gliding, a joint picnic followed where members of both clubs enjoyed grilled hotdogs and hamburgers and wonderful side dishes while the members of the Philadelphia Glider Council shared several interesting stories of their flying experiences.

At sunset, a few toasts were made to the successful day. DVC members (and their MGs) present were: Dave and Erin Alderfer (MGB), Garth and Susan Gill, Adam and Eva Ilnicki (MGTD), Ben and Cindy Nolan, (MGA), Paul and Evonna Phillips (MGBGT), Tom and Jamie Rippert (MGTD), Jim and Diane Sanders (MGB), Louise Story (MGB) and Dick and Sandy Suffredini (MGTD). Also attending and participating in the events were Dave and Erin’s longtime friends Rob and Jill Lewis visiting from Maineville, Ohio.

We had a wonderful time. Please be sure to join us for an event in the near future.

— Jim Sanders

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