Car Show & P3 Party – 2014

ws_2014_carshow-1148  August 2, 2014

It’s amazing how an empty field can be converted into a show field in less than two hours complete with tents and locations set for the various marques. For the Delaware Valley Classic MG Chapter in conjunction with Pennypacker Mills County Park’s, “In the Good Old Summertime” it was just business as usual for the club’s tenth edition of British Car Day on August 2, 2014.

At 7:30 am the club volunteers, known as the “Pit Crew”, arrived at the park to begin the transformation. Before 9:30 am Registration was busy signing in the cars and those were directed to their assigned spot.

A total of 75 cars graced the field giving the public a wide collection of various British makes. Once the cars were looked over one could then stroll over to the Pennypacker Mansion for a guided tour and to get a glimpse of what the 1890’s had to offer for entertainment including a duo playing the musical hits of the era.

The first award given out was the British Marque Car Club News Favourite Award presented by Faith Lamprey and Bruce Vild. It is recognition of people who seem to get the most enjoyment of using their cars. Faith and Bruce plan to present this award at any show they attend. This time Joe & Kerch McConlogue and their 1967 Sunbeam Alpine received the well-earned prize.

After all awards were handed out the Pit Crew again worked their magic and the field was soon restored to its early morning state. Of course the chance to hightail it over to the Tom and Jaimee Rippert home for a party was all the incentive needed.

Thanks to all participants and Pit crew members for creating a great event. Also, thanks to the following sponsors for their donations for the “goodie bags” and awards:

  • Apple Hydraulics
  • British Marque Car Club News
  • Haggerty Insurance
  • Moss Motors
  • Rock Auto Parts
  • Sandman Auto Works
  • JC Taylor Insurance
  • Victoria British
  • British Marque Car Club News Favourite Award- – Joe & Kerch McConlogue, Harrisburg  PA,  1967 Sunbeam Alpine V   #176
  • Class I- Austin Healey 100-4, 100-6, 3000 & Jensen Healey
    First- Gary Hartzell, Hatboro PA,  1961 Austin Healey 3000 MkII      #104
  • Class II- Austin Healey Sprite
    First- Ryan Kubanoff, Yardley PA,  1960 Sprite   #161
  • Class III- Triumph TR2, TR3, TR3A, TR4 &TR4 IRS
    First- Norm Ricker,  West Chester  PA,  1963 TR3B     #108
  • Class IV- Triumph TR250, TR6, TR7, TR8
    First- Jerry Hallman,  Nazareth  PA,  1968 TR250    #143
  •  Class V- Triumph Spitfire, GT6 & Stag
    First- Mike Hoinowski,  Pottstown PA,   1962 Herald    #180
  • Class VI- Jaguar Pre-war Roadsters, XK120, XK 140 & XK150
    First- Bob Williams,  Souderton PA,  1954 XK120    #183
  • Class VII- Jaguar XKE Roadsters, Coupes & XJS
    First- Tom and Judy Himmelsbach,  Quakertown  PA,   1969 2+2 Cpe XKE    #149
  • Class VIII- Jaguar Sedans, Rolls Royce & Bentleys (Vintage & Modern)
    First- Tom Boorse,  North Wales PA,  1935 Rolls Royce 20/25    #132
  • Class IX- Mini  Classic & Modern
    First- Peg and Ron Hoinowski,  Phoenixville  PA,  1968 Mini  #179
  • Class X- MG Pre 1956 Roadster, Sedan, Magnette & Variant
    First- Gordan Todd,  Lansdale  PA,  1954 TF    #153
    Second- Hank Rippert,  Soddy Daisy TN,   1951 TD   #120
    Third- John Zemany,  Lansdale  PA,  1954 TF  #112
  • Class XI- MGA Roadster, Coupe, Twin Cam, Magnette & Variant
    First- Jim Schutte,  Harleysville PA,   1958 Magnette ZB    #124
    Second- Ben and Cindi Nolan,  Elmer NJ,  1959 MGA   #181
  • Class XII- Chome Bumper MGB, MGC & MGBV8 Tourer, GT & Modified
    First- Glen Ciarrocca, Lancaster PA,   1970 B   #115
    Second- Ken Collins,  Malvern  PA,  1973 MGB GT     #169
    Third- Jim Wulf,  Doylestown  PA,  1967 MGB    #155
  • Class XIII- Rubber Bumper MGB, MGC & MGBV8, Tourer, GT & Modified
    First- Jim and Karen Schulte,  Harleysville  PA,  1974½ B GT    #137
    Second- Karen Kearns,  Hatboro  PA,  1977 B    #129
    Third- David Weyandt,  Laureldale  PA,  1979 B   #173
  • Class XIV- MG Midget Chrome & Rubber Bumper & Modified
    First- Alex Grant,  Allentown  PA,  1969 Midget   #151
  • Class V- Morgan & Daimler
    No Entries
  • Class XVI-Miscellaneous British Roadsters & Racers
    First- Joe and Kerch McConlogue,  Harrisburg  PA,  Sunbeam Alpine V   #176
  • Class XVII- Miscellaneous British Coupes, Sedans, Saloons & Utility Vehicles
    First- John Kruczek,  Schnecksville  PA,  1961 Morris Minor 1000   #110
  • Class XVIII- British Bikes
    First- Stephen Kemmerer, Perkiomenville PA, 1974 Norton Commando  #170
  • Best Attending Club- Philadelphia MG
  • Diamond in the Rough- Paul Phillips,  Royersford  PA,  1973 MGB GT    #134
  • Ladies’ Choice- Chris and Bob Hill, Greenville  DE,  1954 MG TF 1800    #156
  • Best in Show- – Jim and Karen Schutte,  Harleysville PA,   1958 Magnette ZB   #124

— Paul Phillips


P3 Party

If my calculations are correct, we’ve been hosting the P3 party for 9 years and this was the first year that it wasn’t unbearably hot!  The pit crew arrived at our house looking like they were ready to party instead of looking like they’ve just been put through the wringer!  We were getting a little worried about running low on food, which has never happened, but it lasted till the end with no leftovers, which is perfect.  But we did run out of beer!  Luckily the beer distributor was open and Wade ran over for more.  Because of the cooler weather, everyone ate more, drank more and stayed longer – so it turned out to be the best P3 ever!   Let’s hope for great weather again next year.

We also had a terrific turnout, about 55 people.  It was nice to have Faith Lamprey and Bruce Vild show up at the P3 party.  They were in town to present an award at the car show from the British Marque.  We also met some new members at the car show, Bill Hoffner and Frances Bourne.  We invited them back to the house to meet the DVC, and hopefully we’ll see them at more DVC events.

Attendees at this year’s P3 party, in no particular order, were:
Sandy & Dick Suffredini, Louise Story, Patty & Pat Cawthorne, Janet & Mark Singer, Eva & Adam Ilnicki, Sally & Kurt Yocum, Barb & Ernie Feldgus, Hank Rippert, Steve Albright & Jen Sauermelch, Wade Albright & Jill McKeown, Gloria & Dave Schwab, Nancy & Warren Doerner, Bill Webb, Evonna & Paul Phillips, Jim Sanders, Nancy & Pete Yaskowski, Chuck Denlinger, Donna Bristol, Susan & Garth Gill, Jeff Rose, Ann & Bill McCurdy, Bobbi & Lin Hughes, Linda & Bill Boorse, Earl Wanklin, Keith Fishlinger & Sharon Rosenberger, Faith Lamprey & Bruce Vild, Dave Johnston, Cyndi & Ben Nolan, Janet & Jim Taylor, Frances Bourne and Bill Hoffner.

Another great P3 party has passed and we look forward to next year’s party.  Till we see you all again, Safety Fast.

Jaimee & Tom Rippert

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