44th Anniversary Party – 2014

ws_IMG_0148   March 16, 2014

By popular demand, the DVC again met at the Pizza Como Restaurant in Pennsburg on Sunday, March 16, 2014 to celebrate its 44th anniversary.  People started arriving around noon and the socializing immediately began.  It wasn’t long before everyone had arrived and we were asked to sit down for our meal.  I think everyone once again enjoyed the delicious food.  After we were all filled and satisfied, Tom and Dick started the program by Tom welcoming everyone, talking about our founding members, and passing along best wishes from our Founder Hank Rippert.  Dick went over some upcoming DVC events, and then it was time for “O’wards.”   O’wards are presented to people who were caught in an “uh oh” moment during the past year.

This year’s O’wards went to the following recipients.

  • Dave Johnston – Wiring O’ward
  • Adam Ilnicki – GPS out the window O’ward
  • Warren Doerner – Hammer to start his car O’ward
  • Paul Holl and Dave Schwab – Bird Poop O’ward
  • Sandy Suffredini – Pee in the woods O’ward

Once the O’wards were “owarded” the coveted “book” was passed from Bill and Evelyn Webb to Bill and Linda Boorse.  Linda was not at the Anniversary Party because….. well, Bill couldn’t find her.  But I’m sure when they finally met up and crawled into bed that evening, with the book, well I really can’t go there…….

More socializing and desserts and another DVC anniversary party came to an end.  It really is just about getting together and having a good time.

In attendance this year, in no particular order, were;  Sandy & Dick Suffredini, Patty & Pat Cawthorne, Diane & Jim Sanders, Lee & Jerry Keller, Eva & Adam Ilnicki, Earl Wanklin, Dave Schwab, Chuck Denlinger, Paul Phillips, Sally & Curtis Yocum, Gudie & Wolfgang Fischer, Janet & Mark Singer, Nancy & Pete Yaskowski, Susan & Garth Gill, Lew Phillips, Evelyn & Bill Webb, Janice & Greg Lake, Nancy & Warren Doerner, Dave Johnston, Faith & Ray DeCesare, Bill Boorse, and Jim and Diane’s daughter Lisa and Jason Becker.

We’re sorry we missed the following people.  Fran and Paul Holl were on their way to the party when they received a phone call from a family member and had to turn around.  Evonna Phillips was traveling, and Linda Boorse was lost.

Hope everyone enjoyed themselves and we look forward to seeing you at the next DVC event!

Jaimee & Tom

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