Planning Meeting – 2013

wp_img_1893   November 17, 2013

The DVC Annual Planning Meeting was held Sunday, November, 17th at the Silverdale Borough Park Building. The weather was mostly sunny which encouraged several to drive their vintage automobiles of the club’s marque. Dick and Sandy Suffredini arrived in the oldest MG at the meeting as they pulled up in their ’52 MG TD. Peter Yaskowski was a close second as he drove his 1954 MG TF. Driving MGBs were Warren Doerner, David Johnston and Mark Singer; Dave Schwab drove his MGBGT. Buzz, again this year represented his Mini marque bringing Tom and Jaimee Rippert to the meeting. Jerry Russell, attesting to the mild weather arrived in true Americana style on his Harley. Also in attendance were Donna Bristol, Pat and Patty Cawthorne, Chuck Denlinger, David Johnston, Adam and Eva Ilnicki, Dave and Karen Paul, Lew Phillips, Jim and Diane Sanders (hosts), and Lee Wesner. Good food and beverages were enjoyed by all.

Tom Rippert opened the meeting. It was announced that the DVC again won the Founders Cup at the 2013 Triathlon. Lew Phillips reviewed the Web site and it was agreed that implementation has been a success and many members find it helpful. Patty Cawthorne shared good news from the club’s treasury and reported that the club’s finances are healthy with a budgetary surplus. The possibility of putting available coupons provided by sponsors on the website was discussed and it was agreed that this could be done once the number of coupons warranted implementation. The remainder of the meeting was dedicated to determining the 2013 calendar of events of which a tentative schedule was made. (Please keep an eye out on the events listed on the website as the date/time/location information firms up.)

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