Fox and Hound Run – 2013

ws_img_1849   October 19, 2013

We would like to thank everyone who came to the fox and hounds run. For those who were unable to join the pack, we started at Stone Hollow Country Estate where we were greeted by Maiden Donna Bristol, Sir Charles Denlinger, and Hammish Hound (who was banned from the ceremony’s for excessive barking). The feast was muffins, donuts, sticky buns, coffee, juice fit for a king before even leaving on the run.

Our first stop was the Grist Mill, Pony Bridge, and farm museum in Hellertown. The tour guide was Harry (who was somehow related to Tom and Dick. I guess the Tom, Dick and Harry connection. The Grist Mill at some time in its history was a tavern. The main floor has a huge room with fireplace that is a great party room (for future reference).

From there through scenic countryside we stopped at Apple Tree Stable which was built in 1920 and was a complete replica of a stable in England. Bill who was going to give us a tour, had a death in his family and was not able to come up from Virginia (his brother’s funeral was Saturday). But we were allowed to peek through windows and check out his huge collection of Fox and Hounds artifacts and the rear end of his 1938 Rolls Royce in the Carriage House (from the window).

Off on the road to catch the fox which some had sighted in one of the MG’s racing along the countryside. We ended at up at Jim Zawick’s Morgan Garage which was three fully equipped garages, one his vintage Alfa Romeo, another a 1970’s Mercedes, and then the Morgan garage and his 1972 Morgan. all in mint condition. Everyone was speechless. It was really something else.

On the road again, we ended up just down the road from Stone Hollow at McWitty Farm, a beautiful house built from a barn. But the bird-man was sold out of his bird houses. The tour of the barn house in progress was neat though. Back to Stone Hollow Country Estate for the great feast. Food, food, and more food all prepared by the excellent DVC maiden cooks.

Those in attendance were Donna Bristol, Chuck Denlinger, Tom & Jaimee Rippert (MGB), Dick & Sandy Suffredini (MGTD), Pat & Patty Cawthorne (MGB), Jim & Diane Sanders (MGB), Bill & Evelyn Webb (MGB), Dave & Gloria Schwab (MGB), Paul Phillips (MG Midget), Bill & Ann McCurdie (MGBGT), Lew Phillips, Greg & Janice Lake, and Louise Story.

Maiden Donna Bristol & Sir Charles of Denlinger

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