All Aboard Tour – 2013

ws_IMG_1647   August 10, 2013

The “All Aboard Tour” was held on Aug 10 ,2013.  The tour originated at the Big Lots parking lot in Boyertown PA with everyone receiving tour raffle tickets punched by our trainman Chuck.

A total of eight cars participated in the tour.  The line up is as follows, in the “B’s” were Adam and Eva Ilnicki, Paul and Evonna, Dave and Gloria Schwab, and Chuck Denlinger and Dave Johnston.  In the “TD”s, Dick and Sandy Suffredini, and Tom and Jaimee Rippert.  Non-MGs were Donna Bristol with her jeep, and railroad friends with their Mercedes, Dave and Karen Kent (he owned “Ts” in the past and is thinking of buying another).

Chuck and I led the tour all the way (except the last 50 yards).  The first stop was at the Reading Pagoda with its scenic overlook of the city of Reading and the Reading railroad yards.  Next our journey of mostly country back roads took us to the Schuylkill canal house in Leesport, PA.  Two tickets were pulled out of a hat with Sandy and Paul receiving a canal t-shirt.  A tour with the history of the house and grounds was given.

On our way to the next stop we traveled back roads along the Schuylkill River and Schuylkill canal ruins.  Our next stop was at the Reading Railroad Museum in Hamburg PA.  Here we had a drawing for a female and male engineers hats.  The winners were Donna and Dave Kent.  We had a tour of the museums engines, freight equipment, and inside displays.

Next stop was Westy’s bar and grill.  Everyone looked well fed and watered.  Donna even got a pickle buried in her chips with her food even though see made it very clear that she did not want one!  She also had a problem using the men’s facilities in the rest room.????  Oh well!

Next stop was Jim Thorpe, PA.  Using back roads again we made it up and over a mountain to a impromptu stop at a vegetable stand outside of Tamaqua, PA.  By the way Tom nice water melons!!!  We (I should say everyone but me) made it into downtown Jim Thorpe when the LORD OF DARKNESS hit my “B” (actually as I found out later it was my fault, bad alternator connection).  Dick and Tom came to my rescue with no luck.  They just about missed the train.  Thanks guys!!!

At the station, Chuck had another drawing for a engine cab ride for two on the Lehigh Gorge Scenic railroad.  They were Adam Ilnicki and Dave Schwab.  Everyone had a great time.  I would like to thank Chuck Denlinger who helped me put this trip together with many e-mails, phone calls, and  two pre-trips.

{Dave Johnston}  Can you say “Dutch Tour”???

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