43rd Anniversary Party – 2013

wp_IMG_9927   March 17, 2013

There was no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon then  at the Pizza Como PC Pub on March 17, 2013, to celebrate the DVC’s 43rd anniversary.  Everyone started gathering shortly after noon in a very cozy room in the Pizza Pub.  While Dick got his video of the past year’s events going on the TV screen, everyone got caught up with each other and enjoyed some delicious appetizers.  About 1:00 we sat down for lunch and the food was very good.  When everyone was through eating, Tom got the festivities rolling, and explained the how, why and when his brother, Hank, came about founding the DVC 43 years ago.

Adam and Eva Ilnicki, last year’s recipients of the “book”, came forward to pass the coveted “book” along to the next worthy DVC member.   It was wrapped beautifully, with a red rose and two chocolates as part of the wrapping.  I guess that was a sign that the Ilnicki’s REALLY enjoyed the “book.”   The tension in the room increased until Adam and Eva announced that Bill and Evelyn Webb would be receiving the “book” this year.  Of course they were sworn to secrecy and are never to reveal the contents of the “book” to anyone (even if they’re being tortured).

Dick Suffredini then went over DVC upcoming events.  We’re soon into driving season!  (If it ever stops snowing).  He also touched base with this year’s Triathlon.  Adam is organizing our “theme” for this year and as soon as Dick gets a list of registered DVC members, they’ll receive info via email from Adam.  Then, what everyone waits for….. OWARDS.  Dick was busy this year – he had quite a few to hand out and the following “lucky” people received owards:

Jerry & Lee Keller – belated from last year.  Driving with no brakes on Fall Tour.
Tom & Hank Rippert – Getting hopelessly lost and not finishing the Hornsby Rallye.
Jim Sanders – Lost U-joint flange and bolts on drive shaft on Spring Tour.
Dick Suffredini – Best friends potty stool.
Jaimee Rippert – Beer bottle lug wrench for flat tire at Triathlon.
Jim Sanders – Don’t weld your gas tank!

Just as the Owards were finishing up, we all got a very pleasant surprise by Barre Williams walking into the room.  Barre is a founding member of the DVC and it’s always a pleasure to see him.

The party wound down by everyone enjoying cake and cookies for dessert, and of course the normal DVC chit chat.  Attending the DVC anniversary party this year were:

Earl Wanklin, Adam & Eva Ilnicki, Dick & Sandy Suffredini, Pat & Patty Cawthorne, Pat & Carmita Alzamore, Chuck Denlinger, Jerry & Lee Keller, Walt King & Donna Bristol, Greg & Janice Lake, Jim Sanders and Jason Becker  (Diane wasn’t feeling well), Dave & Gloria Schwab, Dave Johnston, Rob & Maryellen Hoeflein, Bill & Evelyn Webb, Paul & Fran Holl, Warren & Nancy Doerner, Jim Taylor (Janet wasn’t feeling well), Paul and Evonna Phillips, Barre Williams and of course us.

Until we see you at the next DVC event, be safe.
Tom & Jaimee

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