Mystery Tour – 2012

ws_IMG_9510   October 20, 2012

Our Mystery Tour began with the usual questions.. When will it start?  Who will come?  How many cars will be white instead of Red?  What color is the White house?  This membership drive did not have time for the questions because many just wanted to look at the scenery in the wilds of Berks County.

The day was perfect, the leaves were changing and permitted views not seen during the summer, and everyone had a great time at the round table and the table high lift for our food and beer tasting in the grand dining room.  Included were Tom & Jaimee Rippert (MGA), Paul & Evanna Phillips (MG midget), Jim & Diane Sanders (MGB), Adam & Eva Ilnicki (MGB), Jim & Janet Taylor (Mini), Dick & Sandy Suffredini (MGTD),  Pat & Carmita Alzamora (MGB), Chuck Denlinger (MGTD) Jeff Rose (MGA twinkie), Louise Story (MGTD)  Walt King & Donna Bristol (Maroon Jeep).  A special presentation was given to Walt and Donna for completing their first rally, and Diane Sanders was presented with a prize for having another birthday. As always the food brought by the members was delicious and plentiful. Thanks to all who made it a great day.

David & Gloria Schwab

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