Reading Phils – 2012

ws_201208_phils-02   August 25, 2012

Our Reading Phillies adventure started in Rippert’s driveway on the Saturday afternoon of August 25th.  It was overcast and there was the possibility of rain but, in true DVC fashion, we lucked out and the rain never came.  Pat and Patty lead the caravan in their MGA, with Adam and Eva in their MGB, Warren and Nancy in their MGB and Ripperts in their MGTD bringing up the rear.  The route was just great travelling on very rural, beautiful winding roads.  We arrived in Reading in time to grab a bite to eat before the game.  We met up with Lew, in his Subaru, at a diner/sports bar/nightclub right across the street from the ball park.  Wasn’t bad, we were the only people in there at 5:00, kinda strange.  The food wasn’t very good, but the beer was just fine.  After our meal we crossed the street to the ball park.  It was no problem crossing the busy 4-lane highway, as Patty just steps right into the street and puts her hand up!  Amazingly, all the cars came to a screeching halt before flattening us on the highway.  Patty said she learned how to cross a street from her brother (I’m wondering just how close Patty and her brother are ).  We met up with Dick and Sandy, their daughter Karen, and grandchildren Aiden and Andrew inside the ball park.  The game was good, the Phillies won.  Adam and Eva weren’t exactly sure  what was going on – but they thought the game was exciting – kinda like watching paint dry.  At one point Adam asked how much longer the game would go on – we had just started the 3rd inning………  They were troopers, made it through the entire game, and now they understand a little more about baseball.  There was a fantastic fireworks show after the game.  Some of the best fireworks I’ve ever seen.

After the fireworks, Patty suggested we go back across the street (OMG), have a beer and by then the parking lot would be empty and we could head home.  We thought that was a great idea, so once again Patty safely lead us on a “death march” across the 4-lane highway with nothing more than her hand.  Here’s a kicker – we were denied entry to the diner, which has now become a nightclub, because we didn’t meet their “dress code.”  Our first clue should have been the sign “NO WEAPONS”.  The bouncer, or whatever he was, said no hats.  So we took off our hats, no problem.  Then he said no shorts…. Seriously??? – Tom and Warren had on shorts.  They couldn’t very well take them off (well Tom could’ve – but I know Warren is much more respectable).  So, back across the 4-lane highway on another “death march” lead by Patty and her hand, oh yeah, I’m pretty much checking my pants by now….  Lew and Adam and Eva decided to call it a night and head home.  Dick and Sandy had already gone home with their family in Karen’s mini-van.  Not to be discouraged from finding that last beer, Pat and Patty, Warren and Nancy and Tom and Jaimee headed back into the stadium where there was a blues concert going on – and a bar – serving Yuengling.  Thank goodness we survived all those “death marches” across the street because the music and the beer was really good!  One beer and we all headed for home.

It was a great night – baseball, fireworks, vegetables racing through Reading, a beaver, a duck, a turtle, death marches, a gang bar.  No wonder I have trouble sleeping…….

Thank you Pat and Patty for organizing our outing to the Reading Phillies and coming up with that great route.  Did I mention that Dick was in a “mini-van”???????

See you next time  – in Sullivan County.


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