P&P Golf Outing, Non-Rallye, and Picnic – 2012

IMG_1592    June 24, 2012

After several very hot days and rain the night before, 25 brave golfers enjoyed a most beautiful day complete with comfortable temperatures and periodic gentle breezes.  After checking in with co-host Lew Phillips at Waltz’s Golf Farm’s Club House, they made their way to the field of battle.  OK, a bit dramatic for miniature golf, but we do have some serious players in the club.  Along with the golfing, each participant enjoyed a nice lunch – some before golfing, others afterwards.  But all seemed to wait until the reconnoiter to enjoy a nice dish of ice cream.

This year’s event did have a couple of unexpected challenges.  Lew stopped by during the week to make sure all was in order when he and Waltz’s quickly learned that there was a slight mix-up in dates caused by July 4th landing on Wednesday.  Waltz’s had us down for the following week and had already booked two birthday parties.  In addition, the storm of the night before substantially softened the ground in front where we normally park.  To paraphrase the old acting motto (sorry, Lisa, had to throw that in), “the game must go on!”.  We merely moved our parking to the far end of the lot, and Waltz’s found a way to time us between the parties so that they could still provide their excellent service, and even managed to find a way for us to gather on the deck!

To protect the innocent, we won’t publish the scores, but we will let you know who made it to the golfing phase… Lew Phillips (1980 MGB); Lee & Sandy Wesner (1956 MGA); Tom & Jaimee Rippert (1959 MGA); Jim & Diane Sanders (1953 MGTD); Dave & Gloria Schwab (1961 MGA); Earl Wanklin (1970 Porche 911T); Paul & Evonna Phillips (1973 MG Midget); Dick & Sandy Suffredini (1952 MGTD); Warren & Nancy Doerner (1977 MGB); Lyn & Liam Hughes; Pat & Carmita Alzamora (1980 MGB); Rob & Maryellen Heoflein (1952 MGTD); and Pat & Patty Cawthorne (1958 MGA).

After our games, lunch, and ice cream, co-host Paul Phillips returned to provide directions for the “Non-rallye Rallye” and send us off on our way to Phase II – the picnic.  Paul picks things up from here…

At the end point a wide assortment of cold beverages and snack awaited for the Non-Rallye entrants to trickle in after their extensive work-out of their cars’ odometers.  The Non-Rallye master collected the mileage guesses and the winners were soon declared.  After seven years of frustration Dick and Sandy Suffredini finally added their names to the champions list by finishing 4/10 of a mile off the official course distance.  A lovely prize package was presented to them which included a P&P driving cap (Dick models it in the picture),

a Union Jack soccer ball, a Union Jack action figure, a pair of Union Jack mugs and a tin of English tea.  An additional prize of a flashlight to help him find his way went to Earl Wanklin for bringing up the rear.

Another highlight of the picnic was the unveiling of the new DVC 10’ X 20’ fly to be used at the car show and any other club event.

After all the excitement it was time for what DVCers do well and tucked into eating, drinking and conversing.  One could not have asked for a much better day for the event.
People who could not make the golfing part but welcomed at the picnic were John and Pat Hunt, Dave Sarley (TC), Louise Storey (TD), Jim and Janet Taylor ( MGA Mk II), and a Phillips friend, Eva Emmell.

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