Automobilia Show – 2012

wp_IMG_8372  January 29, 2012

A group of die-hard British Car enthusiasts courageously braved the mild winter weather to gather together at the PC Pub in Pennsburg for the Sixth Annual DVC Automobilia Show (or as we insiders lovingly call it… the Crappola Show).

Even though we got there way before the start of the activities, we were still greeted by vendors who were starting to bring in their wares.  And a nice selection it was!  Tools, parts, books, manuals, pictures, toys… memorabilia of all kinds.  As the gang was setting up, we did notice one thing.  Seems that since our last show, the pub had installed new, energy efficient lighting.  While it saves energy and is romantic for dining, it was a bit more dim than we would have liked.  No worries… we are already looking for ways to rectify this for next year!

Our ‘toll booth’ counted 55 people coming out this year to check out the show.  A couple of them even joined the DVC that day!  Welcome aboard!

When the attendees and vendors weren’t huddled around the tables talking shop, they were still easy to find.  All you had to do was look out at the bar and high-tops.  There you would find them… huddled around PC Pub’s good food and beer – talking shop!

With a more gentle winter than last year, it was much easier to think about riding around with the top down – and this fun afternoon with fellow enthusiasts made it even easier!  Hope to see you next year!

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