Guy Fawkes – 2011

wp_IMG_8149Nov 5, 2011

Once again, members of the DVC and their friends gathered to burn the dastardly Guy Fawkes. More than 50 people got together at the home of Bill and Linda Boorse on the evening of November 5th and enjoyed food, drink and companionship to celebrate the Halloween season, and to commemorate Guy Fawkes Day. As the effigy of Fawkes turned to ash and smoke, guests welcomed the warmth of the bonfire on the chilly Fall night. At times the fire rose nearly to the tree tops and was large enough to prompt a call from local law enforcement. But since all the permits were in order no problems occurred.

DVC was represented by Bill and Linda Boorse, Donna Bristol, Pat and Patty Cawthorne, Warren and Nancy Doerner, Walt King, Paul and Evonna Phillips, Tom and Jaimee Rippert, Dave and Gloria Schwab, Louise Story, Dick and Sandy Suffredini, and Earl Wanklin. By the way, Earl drove all the way from his home in Sullivan County and back that evening. Many club members arrived in an MG, and the Boorses received several comments from neighbors about the “nice cars” in their front yard.

In the house, all kinds of delicious foods were served, thanks to the generosity and skills of the guests, while at the fire, an eclectic variety of conversation took place with topics as far ranging as MG repairs, whiskey making and the raising of sheep. As the evening progressed most people drifted back and forth from the house to the fire, with few lingering in the cold in between. Eventually, the fire was allowed to die down but a few hearty souls remained until late in the night, to soak up the warmth of the embers and engage in an enthusiastic conversation about DVC politics. And finally all that remained of a wonderful evening was the smell of wood smoke.

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