Tom Hornsby Memorial Rallye – 2011

wp_IMG_7990 September 25, 2011

With the endless rain we’ve had since August, it was questionable if we’d have to postpone the Hornsby Rallye.  That’s right, the forecast was for heavy rain, again.  But the “good weather fairy” came through for the DVC and it was a beautiful day for a rallye.  A sunny, mild, top-down day.

Fourteen cars showed up at the Brickside Grille in Exton for the start of the rallye.  After registration and the driver’s meeting, the first car was sent on its way by Jim O’Brien.  The rallye was approximately 50 miles through beautiful countryside.  It was hard to stay focused on the clues with all those beautiful stone farmhouses to look at!  By the way, how many were there??  Too many to count, that’s for sure.

There was one checkpoint  – in St. Peters Village – for a 30 minute break.  This is where the starter went on Earl Wanklin’s Porsche.  What to do??  Jerry Keller came to the rescue and towed Wank’s Porsche with his TD!  Fortunately not too far, but “uphill,” till Earl could drift backwards and get his car started.  I sure hope someone has a picture….

The rallye ended back at the Brickside Grille, where we all had a bite to eat and maybe a beer or two, while Jim and Marie tallied the rallye sheets.  The results are as follows:

1st place – Jim and Janet Taylor in a 2010 Honda Fit
2nd place – Paul & Evonna Phillips in a 1976 MG Midget
3rd place –  Dick & Janice Comly in a 1970 MGB
4th place –  Pat & Patty Cawthorne in a 1977 MGB
5th place and winning the Hornsby Cup – Jim Sanders and his daughter Lisa Burke in a 1953 MGTD
6th place – Dick and Sandy Suffredini in a 1952 MGTD
7th place – Tom & Jaimee Rippert in a 1953 MGTD
8th place – Steve Albright & Jen Sauermelch in a 1976 MGB
9th place – Adam & Eva Ilnicki in a 1973 MGB
10th place – Wade Albright & Jill Roesch in a 1959 MGA
11th place – Dave & Gloria Schwab in a 1950 MGTD
12th place –  Earl Wanklin & Anthony DiCroce in a 1970 911T Porsche
13th place –  Jerry & Lee Keller in a 1953 MGTD
14th place –  Donna Bristol (solo – Walt had the flu) in a Jeep

A big thank you to Jim O’Brien for a fantastic rallye.  Also, thank you to Mark Bilinski and Bruce and Dottie Allen for their help.  Thanks to the Brickside Grille and the Hankin Group (Eagleview Corp. Center) for the use of their facility and the fine service by their staff.

Everyone had a great time – no fights, no divorces.

Hope to see you soon,

Jaimee & Tom

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