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wp_dsc04996August 24-30, 2011

Triathlon IX – A Saga of Winning, Wine and Wind

An excited and hearty bunch left for Triathlon IX Wednesday morning from Turkey Hill in Ottsville.  The group was split into two caravans, making staying together easier on this 540 plus mile trip.  The two caravans included Tom & Jamiee Rippert, Sandy and Dick Suffredini, Evelyn & Bill Webb, Chuck Denlinger & Donna Bristol, Pat and Patty Cawthorne, John and Donna Cawthorne, Lew Phillips, Mike and Karen Kearns, Dale & Stephany Wright.  Adam and Eva Ilnicki had an MG battery problem and had trouble replacing it in the early a.m.   They joined up with us at the Wurtsboro airport after making great headway on interstates.  The MG was still not in tip-top shape since Adam had trouble starting it so the guys pushed it to get it started.  No stopping except at a place where it could be pushed.   Whew!!  On the road again!!

The only bad news that day was that Gude and Wolfgang had to turn back home after reaching Massachusetts when hearing ominous news about Irene slamming up the Jersey coast.

Sunny and bright most of the way up to our first destination traveling over beautiful scenic views on back roads in PA, NJ, and New York.  We stopped at Wurtsboro Airport and were invited to have our pictures taken in front of the hangar.  For lunch, we found GiGi’s Market, in the Rhinebeck area, a favorite from Triathlon VIII, where we were able to relax and enjoy sandwiches, burgers and cool drinks, with the other caravan that had arrived a short time before us.  After lunch, an extremely long wait at the potty (only one unisex). We filled up the MGs, and off we went.

Traveling trough Massachusetts, we rode along the Mohawk Trail in North Adams and came upon a Scenic hair pin turn, stopping at the overlook for a beautiful view.  Another two hours traveling on great MG roads and more fantastic scenery, we arrived at the Motel 6 in Brattleboro, Vermont to rest our weary bones, hurting backsides,  and enjoy some dinner before turning in for the night.  As you might have heard, after our visit, Irene did quite a number on Brattleboro, flooding out the town.

The next day we met outside of Motel 6 at around 9 am to complete the trip up to Northport, Maine.  Before long, we were out of Vermont and into New Hampshire, where Dick saw a Moose!!  We again stayed on great MG back roads throughout N.H. and into Maine.  Since MGers tend to get hungry and we had no place on the agenda to eat lunch, and it looked as if the skies were about to open, we ate at a Wendy’s, before venturing onto Coastal Route 1.  We were very much enjoying our salads, burgers and drinks, when the skies did open and there was quite a downpour.  We all fled to our MGs soaking wet but ready for the rest of our adventure. After gassing up again, off we were!  I’m sure Route 1 was very scenic; however, we saw rain, more rain and lots of rain until we reached Northport, and our destination, Point Lookout!

Upon arrival at Point Lookout, the rain had begun to cease and we were welcomed into the resort by seeing the Nolans and the Scherbekows (the New Jersey crew), who arrived before us.  Also arriving was Brenda and Rich Mooers from Dix Hills, Long Island, and Dale and Stephany Wright, who trailered their Daimler.  All of the DVCers were now accounted for at Point Lookout!   Thundershowers were still in the offing; some of us went into the town of Lincolnville for lobster; others just stayed behind and snacked.  Two thunderstorms greeted us that first evening, but there was a forecast of two sunny days!

The cabins were very comfortable and far better than anticipated.  The triple cabins were quite large, equipped with a loft as well.  The singles were well furnished and cozy.  Heat or A/C was provided so we had all the comforts of home.

Friday was a free day (and as promised a sunny one).  Some of us went to the top of Cadillac mountain and toured Bar Harbour, enjoying lunch outdoors at a great restaurant right on the water.  Others toured Camden.   Registration was held during all of Friday and we all loved the Green hooded sweatshirts with the Triathlon IX logo, which came in handy at the end of the weekend when it was colder and wet.

Friday evening, a delicious and varied buffet was served with great desserts and we got to mingle with the other clubs.  This was also the evening where Jan began her relationship with the Moose at Point Lookout’s lounge.   Jan, don’t worry, what happens at Point Lookout stays at Point Lookout!!  A quick review of the Triathlon events by Faith and Bruce and then off to a DVC get-together at the triple cabin graciously offered by the Ripperts and Suffredinis.   Thanks for turning your place into a Hospitality Suite for the DVCers.

Saturday finally arrived and events included a hill climb, a rally, and, of course, the infamous judging by the best trio of English judges!!

The hill climb consisted of a 3 – minute climb up to the Summit at Point Lookout; but you had to maintain a speed of 20 mph for the entire 3 minutes in order to attain a perfect score of 100.   Some entrants flew up the hill, looking for speed instead of accuracy.  Most of our club did fairly well and I believe this event was actually the crucial one in the final scoring.  After the hill climb, straight to the rally that was about a 2-3 hour ride (about 50-60 miles) around the hills and back roads of the area.   Many of our group as well as about one-third of the participants scored 100 on this leg of the Triathlon.    The rally ended at the Owl’s Head Transportation Museum where our Rallymaster arranged for free admission!  The cars at the Museum  were amazing to see and there was a section of MGs that were from the early 1900s.   Elegant cars were also seen and we could envision ourselves in them dressed up as flappers and gangsters our for a night on the town.

After a buffet lunch at the Lookout’s Summit, we all went back to our cabins to transform into flappers and gangsters with the likes of Dick the Trickster, Tommy the Gun, Billy the Fish, etc. etc.  The gals were all dolled up in their flapper dresses, long gloves, feathered headbands, and even, long cigarette holders.     We arranged for a place to meet in our MGs, and entered the field as a group parking together on one side of the show grounds, which was a soccer field with Astroturf…..  where we diapered our oil-dripping cars.

The trio of ex-Old Bailey magistrates arrived at our show site and there was fun to be had by all….   with the Judges remembering some of our flappers from Triathlon VIII.  One of our DVCers also belonged to the Keystone MG Car Club and we hung around their tent for a while enjoying their “hippie” theme and music from the sixties.  When it was our turn to be judged, the line up was ready, with the flappers dancing to Charleston music right at the judging site and as each car was judged, the respective flapper would join her gangster near the car with lots of bribes stuck at various places in their dress as well as strategic places such as garters, etc.   Jan must’ve scored a bunch of points!!

Ah, finally the big night is here!  After dinner, Faith and Bruce appeared to announce the much coveted Triathlon prizes.  One of our DVCers brightened the evening by earning second place overall.   The very talented team of Rich and Brenda Moors gained enough points to successfully reach second place, not an easy task!

With disappointment the DVC lost the Dorothy Wiggin Teapot Trophy, after winning it at the last two Triathlons, to the Cape Cod British Car Club.     The most number of cars from a club entered into the Triathlon will lend itself to winning…..  the Cape Cod British Car Club had many more cars entered due to their close proximity to the event.   BUT……… the DVCers did win the first-ever awarded Don and Nancy Hull Founders’ Cup, which is given to the club whose members have the highest average points total among all clubs participating in the Triathlon with five or more teams.   Congratulations!!! Job well done DVCers.

The Suffredinis and Ripperts again opened their cabin to serve as the celebratory Hospitality Suite where all the DVCers raised a glass to their success in winning the Founders’ Cup but more importantly to the fun that was had the whole weekend.

With the threat of Irene barreling into Maine, a lot of DVCers decided to stay another night (Sunday) at Point Lookout.  Since the Webbs left early Sunday morning traveling through the hurricane, under a rather large toppled tree on a back road, and over downed wires,  the following post-Irene event was contributed by Jan Scherbekow.   After hearing all the fun, perhaps the Webbs should have ridden out the storm at Point Lookout instead of in their MGB.   On Monday, they had to maneuver around many closed roads but made it home safely that evening.  Here’s Jan……………..

After studying Hurricane Irene for days, the following couples opted to remain at Point Lookout until Monday morning.  We intrepid or chicken DVCers departed for various Port-O-Calls though most were returning to the Delaware Valley on Monday:  Dale and Stephany Wright, Tom and Jaimee Rippert, Dick and Sandy Suffredini, Jan and Mark Scherbekow, Ben & Cyndi Nolan, Chuck Denlinger and Donna Bristol, Adam and Eva Ilnicki, Pat and Patty Cawthorne, Lew Phillips, and Mike and Karen Kearns.

After breakfast, we headed to the Fitness Center to book Sunday night. While there, some of us inspected the fitness center facilities.  Jamiee and Jan beat the crap out of the punching bag, apparently with lots of sound effects!!  It was also time to batten down the hatches and the British cars as well.  “Last bus to Wentworth Family Grocery Store gets the cows’ tails!  This store had everything needed to hunker down for a hurricane, especially beer and wine!

Entertainment for Sunday included the activities below and then back to Cabin #79 for Party Central later. “Harriet Glockenspiel to enter”.  Do you know she plays the piano and violin???

Chuck went to the Summit and beach to take pictures!  Donna chilled back at the room.  Adam and Eva passed out candles in the event of a power failure and then a scenic back to rest up for the party and storm. Lew chilled, took a walk part way up to the Summit, and, in the rain, caught a ride down with a guy who lives over the hill from Lew in PA.  Small world!  The Kearns chilled out. Ben and Mark borrowed Dale Wright’s trailer to drive the “B” up on, so the boys could change the slave cylinder.  Actually, Ben did the work and I’m not sure what Mark did.  Since the TV was out, time for a nap.

The Cawthorne gals, Ripperts, Suffies, and the Ilnickis joined up at the Fitness Center to play scrabble and shoot pool, “Trickie Dickie” and “Tommy the Gun” played a hotly contested game of pool which required Trickie Dickie to perform the incredible “on all fours” trick shot.

A huge generator kept the power on as we partied in Cabin #79.  Good food and good company.

Monday morning, most cars were headed home, hopefully with no breakdowns.  Ripperts and Suffredinis were headed for Newport. Both the Cawthornes were boarding a schooner in Maine we hope we see them again. The tides were nasty.  Nolans and Scherbekows made it to Pittsfield, Mass., Monday night and spent Tuesday trying to circumnavigate the entire State of Vermont.  They couldn’t as disaster was widespread.

The Ilnickis traveled 900 miles in two days plus many stops.  In Adam’s words, “Today’s 400 miles, was trip from hell. Vermont roads were washed out. We made over 100 miles extra following all kind road closures. We drove about 15 miles on washed out dirt road through the forest just to find out that we could not make it through, returned only to find Route 2 closed.  The entire club deserves an “A” for effort and enthusiasm for the Triathlon.

Thank you Cyndi for the “John Marzetti” pasta dish, presented exclusively at funerals (?) and a big thank you to Jamiee, Sandy, Dick and Tom for their hospitality at Cabin #79.

Postscript:   Everyone made it home safe and sound.  The Ripperts and Suffredinis made it to Newport, saw the picturesque Cliff Walk, went to Mystic, CT, where they met up with Lew.  The Ripperts then extended their trip to Old Sturbridge Village.  Wolfgang and Gudie had to evacuate Wildwood, after a trip back from Massachusetts, and weathered the storm at the Ripperts place in PA.

All in all it was a great weekend of fun, frivolity, and friendship!!   On to Triathlon X.

Evelyn Webb

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