Memorial Day Picnic – 2011

wp_6 May 28, 2011

Dziekujemy za wspanialy piknik!

If you were at the Ilniki home in Harleysville on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, you would definitely know that the above words mean, “Thank you for a wonderful picnic”.  Everyone who attended the picnic hosted by Adam and Eva Ilnicki enjoyed a fun-filled day with great drinks, delicious food and interesting conversation.   Adam was the Grand Chef of the Day, grilling smoked beef, pork and chicken as well as the best tasting kielbasa in town.  Beer was flowing and tasty appetizers and desserts brought by DVCrs hit the spot.  There was lots of shade on their back patio and in the yard, as well as a hot tub in case anyone felt the need to really cool off by getting wet!!   There were even guests from California to join in the fun, as Dick Suffredini’s brother, Pete, and his wife, Joan, were visiting from the west coast. And it was good to see “Hobbles”, making his way around casted up and using a walker.  For those of you who don’t know, Dave Schwab broke his ankle recently (I believe the story is that he stepped backwards into a hole) and God bless Gloria who is nursing him back to health.  We also heard the” O-Ward worthy” story of Dick’s adventure with his MGT, during the Wildwood weekend, thinking that he had a bad wheel bearing, and not looking forward to traveling home without his MG.   When investigating at Wolfie and Gudi’s place, the noise he experienced was only the grease cap that had come loose and was rattling.

The following were in attendance along with their car of choice:   Tom and Jaimee Rippert (2009 Mini “Buzz”),  Dick and Sandy Suffredini (2005 Jag), Pete and Joan Suffredini (2005 Jag), Gloria and David Schwab (1973 MG), Lew Phillips (’08 Tahoe), Bill and Evelyn Webb (74 l/2 MGB), Pat and Patti Cawthorne (in their brand-new 2011 Buick Lucerne), Chuck & Judy Goelz (1958 MGA), Chuck Denlinger (in his “Sorry” Truck), Paul and Evonna Phillips (1973 MGB GT), Jerry and Lee Keller (1953 MGT), Linda and Bill Boorse (MGB), Garth Gill (Dodge Sprint), Pat & Carmita Alzamora (MGB), Donna Bristol and Walt King (Jeep), and of course Adam and Eva with their 1974MGB.

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