Spring Tour to Wildwood – 2011

wp_DSC_7252 May 20-22, 2011

This was our second year at the Marlane Motel for a laid-back, fun weekend in Wildwood.  Owners, Lisa and Chris couldn’t be nicer.  They even stock the refrigerator with beer and wine for us!  Awesome….

We drove down on Friday morning, arriving right about lunch time.  Some DVC’ers had already arrived, some as early as Thursday.  Those of us who hadn’t had lunch caravanned down to Cape May and ate on the back deck of the Lobster House.  That’s a must for us, it’s just so nice to relax with some seafood and a pitcher of beer right by the fishing boats.  After lunch, a little drive through Cape May as Mike Kearns had never been there before.  At the Marlane, we congregated on the back patio for our normal “DVC social hour(s)”.  We decided to go to “Casey’s on Third” in North Wildwood for a bite to eat and some dancing.  This is a little bar we went to last year.  They have live music and dancing on Friday nights.  They have great food and the entertainment is fun.  After lots of dancing and laughs, we drove back to the Marlane for more socializing before bed.

Saturday turned out to be one of the most beautiful days you can have at the shore.  We caravanned down to Cape May.  The guys dropped the girls off at the bus station, before driving to the Cape May Air Museum.  The girls walked through the shopping promenade, laughing and enjoying the beautiful weather all the way.  Some of us bought hooded sweatshirts at the sidewalk sales (we’ll need them in Maine at Triathlon).  Next time you see Jan Scherbekow, ask her about the “Mad Hatter” hat.  We went into a shop that was all “funny stuff” and Jan entertained us by modeling hats.  We had to leave before wetting ourselves, we were laughing so hard.  After hitting all the shops, we headed to the porch of the Cape May Inn.  We all got a glass of wine or a beer and sat in the sun watching the passers-by while waiting for the guys to come and pick us up.  Like I said, it was perfect weather, so it was wonderful to be sitting in the sun, by the beach, chatting with the girls.

Back to the Marlane for a wine and cheese party (devised by Gudie).  Everyone brought their favorite bottle of wine and a piece of cheese.  Gudie supplied her delicious bread.  What a way to spend the afternoon!  After the wine and cheese, we talked over our trip to Maine for this year’s Triathlon.  The route is about set, and everyone’s excited for this year’s competition!

About 7:30 we all walked to Schellinger’s Restaurant for a dinner of delicious hors d’oeuvres.  They keep coming out of the kitchen till you just can’t eat anymore.  After our fill of food and drink, we walked up to the boardwalk to take in the sights.  Jim Sanders and Tom Rippert just “had” to go on a ride this year.  Don’t ask me what it’s called, but it’s a caged ball on bungies attached to two tall towers.  When released, they go flying straight up in the air.  The ball is moving back and forth, they come flying back to earth, back up (get the picture?).  We couldn’t hear them, but I think they were screaming like little girls…….. Fortunately, they both survived to tell us all about it……….  We continued our walk back to the Marlane, more socializing, then to bed.  Sunday brought much cooler weather.  We all walked down to the Cadillac Grille for breakfast before heading home.  It was cloudy and threatened of rain all the way, but that’s okay, we had our beautiful weather on Friday and Saturday, we were heading home.  It was great to spend the weekend with our DVC friends, which included:  Connie and Larry Cordeiro, Karen and Mike Kearns, Eva and Adam Ilnicki, Evelyn and Bill Webb, Evonna and Paul Phillips, Lew Phillips, Gudie and Wolfgang Fischer, Jan and Mark Scherbekow, Cyndi and Ben Nolan, Sandy and Dick Suffredini, Diane and Jim Sanders, Patty and Pat Cawthorne, Bob Tiley (unfortunately Terry was not feeling well), and your’s truly Jaimee and Tom Rippert.

Thanks to Gudie and Wolfgang for setting up another wonderful weekend at the shore!!  Hope we go again next year.

Jaimee & Tom

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